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Transferring Lawyers

Are you a qualified lawyer wanting to transfer to practise at the Bar? If so there are different processes for:

  • qualified foreign lawyers 
  • legal academics
  • European lawyers
  • solicitors‚Äč

We have prepared a useful guidance note on making an application to the BSB for a waiver for transferring lawyers which is based on your existing qualifications and previous experience and no longer requires completion of the Bar Transfer Test (BTT). You can review the guidance note here. 

BSB guidance can also be found at this page on the BSB website:

For those lawyers qualified to transfer the Bar in line with the Bar Standards Board regulations we want to hear from you if you can:

Are you also

  • confident?
  • ambitious?
  • hard working & committed?
  • motivated?
  • flexible & commercially minded?
  • excellent at communicating? 

Our experience tells us that if you have the qualities we set out above then we would love to work with you.

We are confident you will also love working with us because we will assist you to strategically develop your practice in line with your business plan and provide you with the professional environment and culture we believe will help you to thrive.

If you would like to move your practice to Clerksroom and join our family, please do contact Russell Hobbs on 01823 704087 or at [email protected] or Kevin Morrow on 0203 150 1491 or at [email protected] as they look after our members. Feel free to chat anytime, we are completely open and transparent about life at Clerksroom.

Remember, it's "your" practice, we just help you get where you wish to get to. Our teams of clerks, public access clerks, billing, payment processing, business services, and I.T., credit control, marketing, mediation clerks, regulatory compliance, and pupillage. We are here to support every aspect of "your" practice.

We are also one of the largest providers of advocacy with 1,600 final hearings completed each month on average, we are the largest provider of public access work in England & Wales and we are one of the UK's largest and most established mediation providers.

Every full member of Clerksroom is a self-employed Barrister in private practice and our job is to support you to the highest possible standard with every aspect of your practice.

How can we help?

Benefits of Clerksroom:

  • Ability to work from home 
  • Full range of services 
  • Comprehensive IT support 
  • Motivated support team
  • Variety of marketing opportunities
  • Career progression
  • Stability

If you would like to discuss any of the above in confidence please contact:

Russell Hobbs on 01823 704087 or at [email protected]

 Kevin Morrow on 0203 150 1491 or at [email protected]


Can't find what you are looking for or prefer to talk?

Barristers: 01823 247 247 Mediators: 01823 704 099