Roderick Moore (1993)

Roderick Moore (1993)

Membership Status: Barrister - Full Member Qualified in 1993
Bar Standards Board - Regulating Barristers
Barristers in England and Wales are regulated by the Bar Standards Board


General Information


Roderick is an accomplished advocate, litigator and tactician.  He has a formidable reputation for both his technical legal expertise and his trial advocacy.


His practice encompasses:

• all aspects of employment litigation, including personal injury claims by employees in respect of psychiatric injury caused by stress at work

• all aspects of family finance, upon the breakdown of marriages or other relationships

• all aspects of sports regulation, with a particular emphasis on cases within the jurisdiction of the British Horseracing Authority

• all aspects of professional regulation, with a particular emphasis on cases before the General Medical Council, the Nursing and Midwifery Council and the Health Professionals Council


Roderick’s clients are typically:

• senior executives and all kinds of employers (public and private) in employment disputes, including stress at work personal injury cases

• high net worth individuals in family financial disputes

• doctors, nurses and paramedics in hearings before the GMC, NMC and HPC

• jockeys, trainers and owners in cases within the jurisdiction of the British Horseracing Authority

He has represented teachers, policemen, prison officers, soldiers, solicitors, doctors, dentists, nurses, health visitors, paramedics, company directors, jockeys, trainers, owners, bookmakers, farmers, NHS Trusts, small, medium and large companies, utility, service and manufacturing companies, professional partnerships and Trade Unions.


Highly recommended in the Chambers & Partners Guide to the Legal Profession down the years, Roderick consistently receives excellent feedback from clients. He has been variously described in Chambers & Partners as having or being:

  • a high-profile practice with a particular emphasis on appearing in discrimination cases
  • outstanding cross examination skills and unflappable demeanour
  • excellent grasp of the full spectrum of law
  • approachable and user-friendly
  • exceptional grasp of intricate employment issues
  • down-to-earth and non-stuffy approach
  • unique knowledge of the racing and bloodstock sector
  • pithy and insightful analysis

Client testimonials have described him as:

  • a legend
  • calming 
  • very gentle and respectful with beautiful manners
  • just the very best person to have with you in those circumstances
  • simply awesome
  • absolutely brilliant
  • fantastic


Roderick has huge experience of employment disputes, and has appeared in hundreds of hearings before the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal, as well as many hearings before the High Court and Court of Appeal.

Roderick specialises in all areas of employment law within the jurisdiction of the Employment Tribunal and the High Court:

  • unfair dismissal, employment protection including redundancy, TUPE, whistle-blowing, family friendly/flexible working, collective rights and discrimination
  • bonus claims, interim injunctive relief, breach of express/implied terms of the contract of employment, breach of fiduciary duties, restrictive covenants, breach of confidence, restraint of trade, springboard relief, stress at work personal injury claims and shareholder disputes under s994 of the Companies Act 2006

He has appeared in many reported cases, some of which are set out below, including the ground breaking stress at work claim Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd v Daw [2007] ICR 1318.

Other notable cases include:

  • Cerberus v Rowley [2001] IRLR 160 – on the measure of damages for wrongful dismissal
  • Miller Bros v Johnston [2002] IRLR 386 – on the limitations on the contractual jurisdiction of Employment Tribunals
  • Dunnachie v Kingston upon Hull City Council [2003] IRLR – on the heads of loss recoverable for unfair dismissal
  • Armitage v Weir Valves and Controls (UK) Ltd [2004] ICR 371 - on the strike out test in Employment Tribunals

Family Finance

Roderick is an expert in all aspects of family finance.  His practice covers all family financial work within the jurisdiction of the County Court and High Court, including Financial Remedies on Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Partnership and on Judicial Separation, Applications under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989 and Claims under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (cohabitee disputes).  He has extensive experience in claims brought to challenge Wills under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.  He also has experience in Child Support Appeals before the First Tier Tribunal.

Roderick is entirely at home in complex and large asset cases.  He has considerable experience in:

  • cases involving farms; from a rural and farming background himself, he is particularly attuned to the vagaries and intricacies of single farm payments, valuation and liquidity issues
  • cases involving equestrian enterprises; an accomplished horseman, Roderick has ridden all his life, has ridden in races and competed in a variety of equestrian disciplines; he was recently instructed in the divorce of a leading international event rider
  • cases involving pre-marital or extra-marital contribution, whether by gift, inheritance or otherwise; such issues often arise in farming cases
  • cases involving business assets and needing expert input, whether regarding valuation, liquidity or income generating ability
  • cases involving  non-disclosure and requiring high levels of forensic scrutiny
  • cases involving complex remuneration packages including discretionary bonus and share schemes; he has demonstrated on numerous occasions the value of a knowledge of employment law within family finance disputes
  • cases involving insolvency.

A stand-out quality which is particularly relevant to his family practice is Roderick’s versatility and ability to combine both “soft skills” and “hard skills”.  He is acutely aware that clients in family cases are often going through a particularly harrowing period of their lives.

A recent client in a TOLATA dispute described him as "outstanding".  A recent client in a divorce referred to him as "just the very best person to have with you in those circumstances" and "very gentle and respectful with beautiful manners".

Sports Regulatory

Roderick is firmly established as one of the “go to” barristers for jockeys, trainers, owners and others licensed by or subject to the jurisdiction of the British Horseracing Authority.  He is regularly instructed or recommended by the main trade bodies such as the National Trainers’ Federation.  He has been instructed in all manner of cases that come before the three Panels of the BHA (Licensing, Disciplinary and Appeal):  including lay-betting, running and riding, horse welfare, whether an applicant for a licence is a fit and proper person and so on.  He has a thorough knowledge of the Rules of Racing. In 2016, he presented a number of seminars around the counry to NTF members on running and riding issues.  He contributed to the BHA's Integrity Review and was consulted as part of the Quinlan review of the operation of the BHA Panels.  He was also consulted by the BHA with regard to their re-write of the Rules in 2017.

In addition to his regulatory work in racing he has been instructed in a number of contractual/commercial cases, such as ownership disputes and allegations by owners of breach of duty against trainers.

Recent clients include a number of leading names in the sport, as well as many rank and file participants.  Roderick represented Harry Findlay (legendary owner and professional gambler) before the Appeal Board and secured the complete removal of the disqualification imposed on him for laying his own horse to lose on the betting exchanges.  Harry said "Roderick stepped up to the plate when it really mattered".  Another client (a leading trainer) described Roderick's advocacy as "absolutely brilliant" having been acquitted of BHA charges on horse welfare issues and of breaches of duty to an owner.

Roderick worked in racing before going to University and is a natural and accomplished horseman in his own right.  He has regularly put his knowledge of racing and horses to good use in all his work.  As Dawn Bacchus of the National Trainers’ Federation put it:  “Roderick’s sharp legal mind combines with an in-depth knowledge of the Rules of Racing, a thorough understanding of the sport and a real knowledge of horses”.

The Chambers and Partners Guide to the Legal Profession has referred to Roderick's "unique knowledge of the racing and bloodstock sector".

Professional Regulatory

An experienced regulatory lawyer, Roderick regularly advises and represents other professionals including fellow lawyers and in particular those working in the health and care sectors.

Recent clients include:

• a paramedic appearing before the Health Professionals Council accused of unprofessional conduct when attending a homebirth

• a midwife appearing before the Nursing and Midwifery Council accused of failing to refer families in need to social services

• a registered care home manager accused of fraudulent practices

• a doctor challenging his failure to be awarded consultant status




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Fees and Feedback

Fees and Feedback


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We aim to complete and return all paperwork within 14 days (2 weeks) of receipt if no specific deadline is provided. We can work to much faster timescales if requested or we can agree a specific target date for each individual circumstance. We will always advise at the outset if counsel is unable to meet any deadline.

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We aim to allocate all cases to the correct level of experience & seniority which we believe will prove most to be the most cost effective solution for our clients.

If, due to urgency, we allocate paperwork to a more senior member of Clerksroom, we will charge the appropriate hourly rate for the work, not for the barrister. We welcome early discussion to ensure the correct fee is applied to the case at the outset.


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Complaints information

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Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice - General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)

Please read the following information carefully. This privacy notice contains information about the information collected, stored and otherwise processed about you and the reasons for the processing. It also tells you who I share this information with, the security mechanisms I have put in place to protect your data and how to contact me in the event you need further information. 

Who Am I?

RODERICK MOORE collects, uses and is responsible for personal information about you. When I do this I am the ‘controller’ of this information for the purposes of the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

If you need to contact me about your data or the processing carried out you can use the contact details at the end of this document.

What do I do with your information?
Information collected
When carrying out the provision of legal services or providing a reference I collect some or all of the following personal information that you provide:

a. personal details
b. family details
c. lifestyle and social circumstances
d. goods and services
e. financial details
f. education, training and employment details
g. physical or mental health details
h. racial or ethnic origin
i. political opinions
j. religious, philosophical or other beliefs
k. trade union membership
l. sex life or sexual orientation
m. criminal proceedings, outcomes and sentences, and related security measures
n. other personal data relevant to instructions to provide legal services, including data specific to the instructions in question.

Information collected from other sources.
The same categories of information may also be obtained from third parties, such as other legal professionals or experts, members of the public, your family and friends, witnesses, courts and other tribunals, investigators, government departments, regulators, public records and registers.

How I use your personal information: Purposes

I may use your personal information for the following purposes:
i. to provide legal services to my clients, including the provision of legal advice and representation in courts, tribunals, arbitrations, and mediations
ii. to keep accounting records and carry out office administration
iii. to take or defend legal or regulatory proceedings or to exercise a lien
iv. to respond to potential complaints or make complaints
v. to check for potential conflicts of interest in relation to future potential cases
vi. to promote and market my services
vii. to carry out anti-money laundering and terrorist financing checks
viii. to train other barristers and when providing work-shadowing opportunities
ix. to respond to requests for references
x. when procuring goods and services
xi. to publish legal judgments and decisions of courts and tribunals
xii. as required or permitted by law.

Whether information has to be provided by you, and why

If I have been instructed by you or on your behalf on a case or if you have asked for a reference, your personal information has to be provided, to enable me to provide you with advice or representation or the reference, and to enable me to comply with my professional obligations, and to keep accounting records.

The legal basis for processing your personal information

I rely on the following as the lawful bases on which I collect and use your personal information:

  • If you have consented to the processing of your personal information, then I may process your information for the Purposes set out above to the extent to which you have consented to me doing so.
  • If you are a client, processing is necessary for the performance of a contract for legal services or in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract.
  • In relation to information which is in categories (g) to (m) above (these being categories which are considered to include particularly sensitive information and which include information about criminal convictions or proceedings) I rely on your consent for any processing for the purposes set out in purposes (ii), (iv), (vi), (viii) and (ix) above. I need your consent to carry out processing of this data for these purposes. However, if you do not consent to processing for purposes (iv) and (ix) (responding to potential complaints and providing a reference) I will be unable to take your case or to provide a reference. This is because I need to be able to retain all the material about your case until there is no prospect of a complaint and to provide an informed and complete reference.
  • In relation to information in categories (g) to (m) above (these being categories which are considered to be particularly sensitive information and include information about criminal convictions or proceedings), I am entitled by law to process the information where the processing is necessary for legal proceedings, legal advice, or otherwise for establishing, exercising or defending legal rights.
  • In relation to information which is not in categories (g) to (m) above, I rely on my legitimate interest and/or the legitimate interests of a third party in carrying out the processing for the purposes set out above.
  • In certain circumstances processing may be necessary to enable me to comply with a legal obligation to which I am subject (including carrying out anti-money laundering or terrorist financing checks).
  • The processing is necessary to publish judgments or other decisions of courts or tribunals.

Who will I share your personal information with?

If you are a client, some of the information you provide will be protected by legal professional privilege unless and until the information becomes public in the course of any proceedings or otherwise. As a barrister I have an obligation to keep your information confidential, except where it otherwise becomes public or is disclosed as part of the case or proceedings.

It may be necessary to share your information with the following:

  • data processors, such as my PA/Clerk, Chambers Staff, IT support staff/IT consultants, email providers and data storage providers
  • other legal professionals
  • experts and other witnesses
  • prosecution authorities
  • courts and tribunals
  • chambers staff
  • trainee barristers
  • lay clients
  • family and associates of the person whose personal information I am processing
  • In the event of complaints, my Personal Assistant, the Bar Standards Board, and the Legal Ombudsman
  • other regulatory authorities
  • current, past or prospective employers
  • education and examining bodies
  • business associates, professional advisers and trade bodies, e.g. the Bar Council
  • the intended recipient, where you have asked me to provide a reference.
  • the general public in relation to the publication of legal judgments and decisions of courts and tribunals

I may be required to provide your information to regulators, such as the Bar Standards Board, the Financial Conduct Authority or the Information Commissioner’s Office. In the case of the Information Commissioner’s Office, there is a risk that your information may lawfully be disclosed by them for the purpose of any other civil or criminal proceedings, without my consent or yours, which includes privileged information.
I may also be required to disclose your information to the police or intelligence services, where required or permitted by law. 

Sources of information
The personal information I obtain may include information which has been obtained from:

  • other legal professionals
  • experts and other witnesses
  • prosecution authorities
  • courts and tribunals
  • trainee barristers
  • lay clients
  • family and associates of the person whose personal information I am processing
  • in the event of complaints, my PA/Clerk who deals with complaints, the Bar Standards Board, and the Legal Ombudsman
  • other regulatory authorities
  • current, past or prospective employers
  • education and examining bodies
  • business associates, professional advisers and trade bodies, e.g. the Bar Council
  • the intended recipient, where you have asked me to provide a reference.
  • the general public in relation to the publication of legal judgments and decisions of courts and tribunals
  • data processors, such as my PA/Clerk, my chambers staff, IT support staff/IT consultants, email providers, data storage providers
  • public sources, such as the press, public registers and law reports.

Transfer of your information outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

This privacy notice is of general application and as such it is not possible to state whether it will be necessary to transfer your information out of the EEA in any particular case or for a reference. However, if you reside outside the EEA or your case or the role for which you require a reference involves persons or organisations or courts and tribunals outside the EEA then it may be necessary to transfer some of your data to that country outside of the EEA for that purpose. If you are in a country outside the EEA or if the instructions you provide come from outside the EEA then it is inevitable that information will be transferred to those countries. If this applies to you and you wish additional precautions to be taken in respect of your information please indicate this when providing initial instructions.

Some countries and organisations outside the EEA have been assessed by the European Commission and their data protection laws and procedures found to show adequate protection. Most do not. If your information has to be transferred outside the EEA, then it may not have the same protections and you may not have the same rights as you would within the EEA.

If I decide to publish a judgment or other decision of a Court or Tribunal containing your information then this will be published to the world. 

I will not otherwise transfer personal information outside the EEA except as necessary for providing legal services or for any legal proceedings.

If you would like any further information please use the contact details at the end of this document.

How long will I store your personal data?

I will normally store all your information:

• Until at least 1 year after the expiry of any relevant limitation period (which will usually be 6 years, but may be 12 years, or longer where the case includes information relating to a minor), from the date of the last item of work carried out, the date of the last payment received or the date on which all outstanding payments are written off, whichever is the latest.  I retain information for the following reasons:

(i) Where there is a legal and professional obligation to retain information relating to my cases
(ii) To check for any potential conflict of interest that may arise in the future when I am instructed on other cases
(iii) For use in the defence of potential complaints, legal proceedings or fee disputes
(iv) To refer back to in future cases which raise similar legal factual or procedural issues (but where this is the sole reason for retaining such information, I will anonymise that information)

At this point any further retention will be reviewed and the data will be marked for deletion or marked for retention for a further period. The latter retention period is likely to occur only where the information is needed for legal proceedings, regulatory matters or active complaints. Deletion will be carried out (without further notice to you) as soon as reasonably practicable after the data is marked for deletion.

• I will store some of your information which I need to carry out conflict checks for the rest of my career. However, this is likely to be limited to your name and contact details/ the name of the case/nature of the dispute/name of Instructing Solicitor in the case if any. This will not include any information within categories (g) to (m) above;
• Information related to anti-money laundering checks will be retained until five years after the completion of the transaction or the end of the business relationship, whichever is the later;
• Names and contact details held for marketing purposes will be stored indefinitely or until I or my clerks become aware or am/are informed that the individual has ceased to be a potential client.


As explained above, I am relying on your explicit consent to process your information in categories (g) to (m) above. You provided this consent when you agreed that I would provide legal services/you asked me to provide a reference.

You have the right to withdraw this consent at any time, but this will not affect the lawfulness of any processing activity I have carried out prior to you withdrawing your consent. However, where I also rely on other bases for processing your information, you may not be able to prevent processing of your data. For example, if you have asked me to work for you and I have spent time on your case, you may owe me money that I will be entitled to claim.

If there is an issue with the processing of your information, please contact my clerk/PA using the contact details below.

Your Rights

Under the GDPR, you have a number of rights that you can exercise in certain circumstances. These are free of charge. In summary, you may have the right to:

  • Ask for access to your personal information and other supplementary information;
  • Ask for correction of mistakes in your data or to complete missing information I hold on you;
  • Ask for your personal information to be erased, in certain circumstances;
  • Receive a copy of the personal information you have provided to me or have this information sent to a third party. This will be provided to you or the third party in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format, e.g. a Word file;
  • Object at any time to processing of your personal information for direct marketing;
  • Object in certain other situations to the continued processing of your personal information;
  • Restrict my processing of your personal information in certain circumstances;
  • Request not to be the subject to automated decision-making which produces legal effects that concern you or affects you in a significant way.

If you want more information about your rights under the GDPR please see the Guidance from the Information Commissioners Office on Individual's rights under the GDPR.

If you want to exercise any of these rights, please:

  • Use the contact details at the end of this document;
  • I may need to ask you to provide other information so that you can be identified;
  • Please provide a contact address so that you can be contacted to request further information to verify your identity;
  • Provide proof of your identity and address;
  • State the right or rights that you wish to exercise.

I will respond to you within one month from when I receive your request.

Marketing Emails
Please note if you wish to unsubscribe from any marketing emails that you have signed up for, you can do so by contacting me using the contact details at the end of this document. It may take up to 14 days for this to become effective.

How to make a complaint?

The GDPR also gives you the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners’ Office if you are in the UK, or with the supervisory authority of the Member State where you work, normally live or where the alleged infringement of data protection laws occurred. The Information Commissioner’s Office can be contacted at 

Future Processing
I do not intend to process your personal information except for the reasons stated within this privacy notice. If this changes, this privacy notice will be amended and placed on the Clerksroom website.


I take appropriate physical and technical procedures to safeguard your personal data to prevent it from being accidentally lost used or accessed in an unauthorised way.  The IT systems used by Clerksroom are ISO27001 Compliant.

Changes to this privacy notice
This privacy notice was published on 24 May 2018 and has not yet been updated.

I continually review my privacy practices and may change this policy from time to time. When I do it will be placed on the Clerksroom website. 

Contact Details
If you have any questions about this privacy notice or the information I hold about you, please contact me or my clerks.

The best way to contact me is to email me: or to phone my clerks on 01823 247247.

Roderick Moore is an independent self-employed barrister registered with the Bar Standards Board of England and Wales (ID No:  45007); whose practice is governed by the Code of Conduct of the Bar of England and Wales which code can be found at; has full professional liability insurance provided by the Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund Limited (Mem No:  2620/143) (details of the world-wide cover are provided at;  and is registered for VAT (Reg No: 267 1358 88).  All work is undertaken under The Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers and Authorised Persons 2012 (which may be found at unless bespoke alternative terms are agreed in writing in advance.


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