Dr Georgina Tsagas

Dr Georgina Tsagas

LLM (London); PhD (London) Associate Mediator CMC London
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General Information

Dr Georgina Tsagas is an ADR Group accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator, registered with the Civil Mediation Council (CMC), the UK’s recognised authority for mediation. Equipped with a diverse and rich background of experience in the fields of private and commercial law, as well as acquired knowledge in psychoanalytical studies in the context of interpersonal relationships, she helps parties in conflict reach a resolution.

Georgina's combination of a practical mindset as a qualified Solicitor practising since 2017 and a wide range of legal knowledge and expertise in the areas of corporate law, sustainability, contract law and business/financial transactions as a full-time academic at a series of Russell Group Higher Education Institutions in the United Kingdom since 2013, make her particularly well-equipped to deal with all issues underlying a dispute as they arise. She welcomes work as an appointed mediator in any dispute, including and especially in the following:

Mediation Expertise | Areas

  • Sustainability and climate change disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Start-up/business partner disputes
  • Company director disputes
  • Disputes with and within Higher Education Institutions
  • Disputes with a Greek/English legal/language/cultural element
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Company/stakeholder disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Landlord and tenant
  • Boundary and neighbour disputes/disagreements
  • Employment and workplace disputes
  • Defamation and Harassment

Online Mediation | London based Mediation

Central London based offices provide a suitable, comfortable and discreet environment for mediations. Travelling wherever necessary to alternative premises within London and outer London, as well as conduct mediation online via ZOOM, are options that can be accommodated.

Georgina’s approach to mediation

Georgina’s general approach to mediation is to move as swiftly as possible into identifying and dealing with the wider interests and key concerns of the parties, ensuring that pre-mediation meetings with each party respectively have taken place beforehand, to enable sharing and with a view to establishing a common ground.She adopts either a facilitative or a transformative approach towards mediation, depending on the nature of the dispute, with the latter approach focused on empowering the parties and providing a recognition of their respective positions, giving them the necessary freedom to shape the outcome and empowering them to self-evaluate the practical and legal strengths and weaknesses of their respective cases. Emotions are seen as an integral part of the mediation process; their expression is encouraged. Transformative mediation proves particularly helpful when relationships within companies, partnerships and business contracts need to be salvaged for the benefit of the continuation of projects and future collaborations.

Georgina’s skillset

Georgina prides herself on her ability to listen, display empathy and understand the practical, legal and emotional issues people in conflict are faced with. She is a strong believer in the capacity of individuals, with the aid of a good mediator, to reach a solution to their problems, without leaving them in the hands of public bodies and Courts. Parties should be given the benefit of adopting a resolution they are fully comfortable agreeing to. Georgina is held in high regard for her open and approachable attitude and strong reputation for her skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience, cultivated and enhanced through years as an educator in higher education, training as a Fellow of the Higher Education Institute certified in 2017 and dealing with clients in her capacity as a practitioner in Greece and the UK.

Education | Research Projects

Georgina specialised in commercial law and litigation at Queen Mary University, London, where she obtained her LLM in Law in 2008. She was awarded her PhD in Corporate and Securities Regulation on a Full Scholarship by QMUL in 2013 and admitted as a Solicitor of England & Wales, in March 2012 and as an attorney-at-law at the Greek bar in 2009. She has actively participated with her legal expertise on sustainable company law projects, including the EU funded Project Horizon 2020 S.M.A.R.T. (Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade [2016-2020]). Georgina's key leadership appointments since 2016 include representing the Law Schools of Higher Education Institutions as the Director of International and External Partnerships and as a Member of Law Research Committees. At present, she in parallel to mediation acts as a Consultant Solicitor and Mediator Advocate at a London based law firm on a part-time basis.



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  • Insurance Provider Oxygen
  • Certificate Status Certificate on file
  • Expiry Date 20 April 2024
  • Level of Cover 1000000

CPD & Training

CPD & Training
  • Mediation Training Provider ADR Group
  • Date Qualified as Mediator 10 March 2021
  • Training Certificate Download PDF

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