Henry Minto BA (Hons) York, MCIArb Solicitor (Non-practising)

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General Information

Why choose Henry Minto as your Mediator?

  1. Excellent people skills
  2. Specialist in property, planning, construction
  3. Adopts a "this is your day" philosophy
  4. Skilled in understanding what motivates people
  5. Considers there is "no right or wrong"
  6. Conducted over 1000 mediations - 95% settled
  7. 30 years' experience as a solicitor in private practice
  8. For Henry, it is a case of "solutions not problems"
  9. Displays energy, optimism and a "can-do" attitude
  10. Flexible and straightforward
  11. Online expertise - telephone, Zoom, Face Time

 Areas of Expertise


I adopt a flexible approach to be 100% certain that the level fits the circumstances. I am happy to take on a mediation whatever the value or location.

Qualifications and Experience

For 30 years, I have been a lawyer in private practice specialising in the real estate and construction sectors. I am a mediator accredited by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. From 2010 to 2013 I was Chairman of Highgate Golf Club - an ideal forum for me to apply my mediation skills!

The single most powerful experience I have had is that the principles of mediation may be applied to absolutely any dispute or conflict. As will be noted from the cases with which I have been involved, these relate to a wide variety of subject matters, not just where litigation proceedings have started but also where parties wish to manage a potential conflict (e.g. creation of joint ventures and partnerships)

Recent Cases

Shareholder Disputes/Partnership/Joint Ventures



Private Relationship Break-Up


Sale/Provision of Goods and Services

Property/Real Estate/Land

Motor industry







Professional Negligence

Golf/Sports Clubs 

Henry says "There is a sense of relief for me to have "moved on" from being exclusively a solicitor in the property arena. Now that I have arrived in the world of mediation, I can honestly say that it is, without a shadow of doubt, the most powerful method of resolving a dispute. The buzz I get out of a successful mediation is incredible and everyone wins!"

Away from the office

 "I love walking, pilates, playing golf, skiing, art, cinema, theatre, travel and current affairs. I am married and live in Hampstead."

Recent Feedback

"I have used Mr Minto's services previously too. He is very good at finding middle ground and exploring that until the parties accept that there is a deal to be done. His tenacity in getting the parties to progress with the negotiation is unmatched by any other mediator I have used or observed. Having a time limited mediation helped the parties focus on a resolution in a way that was not going to be possible otherwise." Defendant's solicitor

"Henry did a fantastic job at assisting the parties in reaching a commercial solution. His input was instrumental to the parties being able to find mutual ground,compromising and agreeing to walk away from the dispute." Defendant's Solicitor

"I have been mediating since 1999 and am familiar with the first wave of top mediators in the UK having trained with them and been their observer. I would put Henry at the top: he is a gifted communicator with emotional intelligence in spades. First class - very sensitive and very genuine. It is difficult to overstate his contribution" Christopher Cox Defendant's Solicitor

"This is the second one Henry has dealt with that I have attended and the third for our company. He has become our go to mediator. Whether we reach agreement or not the entire process is made less painful by having confidence in the mediator. Henry we have confidence in." Laurence St Lyon Neon Digital (Documents Solutions) Limited

"Henry was fantastic, very patient and remained positive throughout. We didn't manage to settle on the day, and even though his part in the case should have ended, Henry kept in touch and in fact managed to arrange a mediated settlement for us the day before the trial. We were very grateful for his continued input." Claimant

"As ever you showed a real commitment to bringing the parties to a resolution. Again I was impressed by your impartiality and the sense of reason you brought to the mediation." Peter Smith E.ON Energy Solutions Limited

"Henry's skill of listening, intuitively posing the right questions in facilitating thinking, helps his participants to reflect, consider, and weigh up different perspectives and rationale. He's a natural, and it's been an honour to witness an experienced and skilful Mediator in action." Carol Barnes Accordo

"Thank you for my experience of being part of possibly the speediest successful commercial mediation on record. I was thoroughly impressed by the immediate warmth in the rapport you established with each of the participants. You listened skilfully to what was behind the words, and then responded with outstandingly excellent good judgement in adapting flexibly the pattern of joint and private sessions. You carried all four participants with you in a most engagingly friendly, relaxed way, so that they were perfectly content to shake hands in good spirits at the end." Dr Mary Malecka Barrister Accredited Mediator and Legal Trainer

"[Henry] quickly established a good rapport with the parties and they felt at ease speaking and getting things off their chest - the mediator’s input in facilitating this was very significant" - Counsel

"A brilliant mediator" - Claimant's solicitor

"Henry was very good with the parties and the way in which he conveyed himself. He was of great service to the cause and is a shining example of what a good mediator is" - Susheel Gill Heer Manak

"Thank you very much for your excellent mediation services... I would like to say that your style helped me to relax and therefore present my case as well as I could have hoped.  The event was managed very well and if I ever find myself in such a situation again I can only hope that it is made as painless as you made it.  If I may quote Robert DeNiro from the movie Analyse This “You’re Good”!" - Claimant

"An excellent mediation - Henry was very professional, open to listen to various arguments and clear and succint in mediating. Thanks - John O'Brien Insurance Medical Group

"Your discussions before the mediation were instrumental (but that does not take away from your excellent steering of the actual mediation)" - Assistant Mediator

 "Without your intervention as mediator, we couldn't have come to a settlement, let alone speak to each other about our problems, and become friends again" - 2 young men fighting (literally!) over a £300 debt"

"One of Henry's key strengths during the mediation I attended was his ability to reflect on his past experiences both professionally and personally and use this information to help open all parties' eyes to the key issues at hand which as a result really helped to facilitate the agreement reached on the day of the mediation" - Sammy Naghi Observer

 "[Henry was] terrific in bringing the parties to the mediation and in driving the mediation itself. It appeared to be doomed at various stages but Henry brought it to a settlement.” - Craig Howell Williams QC

"My faith in mediation is now fully restored" - Counsel

"Thank you for mediating this dispute to an amicable resolution" London Solicitor

"It gives me great pleasure to express my gratitude to you for all of the efforts you have made during the time of preparing the final draft of the Settlement" Composer

"You have the Midas touch" Joe Cooper Oxford Park Homes

"Both my client and myself were delighted with the helpful attitude and invaluable assistance of Mr Minto in resolving this dispute" John Clement Turbervilles

"Henry had been recommended to me as a Mediator, who has helped me to resolve my employment law dispute 4 weeks before going to the Tribunal. Was very pleased with the results, received what I was aiming for with successful help from Henry. Would recommend him to anyone appreciating personal approach and time/cost effective solution." Employee in hairdressing business

"Without Henry's attention and persistence I doubt this situation would have been resolved. Excellent - like a dog with a bone that won't let go! Superb communication skills" Lawyer at Xact

?"The… high risk call that was made was to have both lay parties speak directly in the absence of their legal representatives.  This could have led to an emotionally charged confrontation.  I think it was in fact the [mediator’s] judgement call that led to settlement. I was most impressed with the way the mediator managed to create an environment which allowed the parties themselves to find an amicable settlement, ending a bitter three year long dispute previously headed for the courts." Edward Culver Argent Chambers

"I thought he did well at persuading parties to "park" contentious issues to explore the areas of common ground, he also did really well at keeping my clients (who had been "hit" by late disclosure of crucial evidence) at the table." Rawdon Crozier KBG Chambers

"I was very impressed with your handling of the matter. I particularly like the way you built up a rapport with some very strong characters, and of course your use of silence was very powerful. You demonstrated a quick grasp of the contentious issues and worried away at them until they became no longer contentious! I was also impressed with your insight into what was going in beneath the surface." Tim Concannon Barrister

"Both parties showed a very negative attitude towards the mediation process. This was a difficult starting point for the mediator but he ensured both parties saw the positive of the part settlement that they achieved." - Observer

"I enjoyed meeting Henry Minto. He was well prepared, made every effort to find out what made us tick and was very easy to talk to." - Dewar Hogan

"I was impressed with your tenacity and your determination to get a result" - Observer

"The mediator was really friendly and that helps a great deal. I liked the fact that the mediator was prepared to take into account some ongoing feedbacks, for example on a comment he made on the merit of my case. That is really a strength because it is difficult for people to admit that they made a mistake." - Unrepresented party

"I found Henry Minto to be an excellent mediator.   He grasped the commercial essentials straight away and was effective in communicating his views.   One particular plus was that he was prepared to enter into vigorous and frank debate on issues on which there might be disagreement – which is not something that can be said for all mediators. I would have no hesitation in appointing Henry as mediator again and, indeed, have a couple of appointments already in mind for him." Defendant’s Solicitor 

"As always, Mr Minto was very good. He was as robust and as committed to settlement as ever and as always, you were aware that he was being even-handed to both sides.   He communicated his points and the position very clearly. It is always difficult to assess the significance of the mediator’s input to settlement, as one never knows what is going on in the other room.  However, from [the other side's position] before the mediation, I have no reason to believe that Mr Minto’s input was otherwise than crucial." Defendant’s Solicitor 

"We were given a genuinely Rolls Royce service by a top class mediator. Henry Minto is a highly skilful and experienced practitioner and the client was very very fortunate to have such a distinguished mediator." John Critchley Field Court Chambers

"It was great to meet you finally and I cannot thank you enough for your role in bringing this case to an end and for your help and support over the past year plus. You were really marvellous and I am full of admiration and gratitude for the work you did for me. I can now look forward to a new era in my life. I have so many other more interesting intellectual and practical things that have been put on hold not to mention a social life. I have now got my freedom back, thanks in large part to you." Party to mediation

"Henry was a pivotal cog in helping the parties to finally resolve this long and difficult dispute. There were times when agreement did not seem likely, but Henry's "ten minute" rule to allow him to liaise with the parties before one party walks out, ultimately proved to be decisive in the end because if it wasn't for that, it is unlikely that the case would have settled as it did. He was a truly fantastic mediator." Mark James Rix & Kay

"I thought you did a tremendous job and am honestly surprised you managed to pull them together. Hats off for continuing." Observer

"On the day, you were on time and did not rush the discussion from our point of view.  You asked pertinent questions, made sensible and pragmatic suggestions to advance the process and your follow up was thorough and completed to our satisfaction. We felt that you were a good mediator, able to explain each party's position to the other clearly and succinctly.  You demonstrated patience, which was key to the success of this particular mediation.  We were clear from your communications what was expected of us. We believe that your input was significant in helping to resolve our client's dispute with the other side.  This was a complex mediation requiring patience and a calm and sensitive approach in respect of our opponent.  We would not hesitate to use your services again." - Rickerbys

"Henry was a very organised mediator which was instrumental for the agreement on the day" - Barry Wheeler Landlocked Limited

"Invaluable contribution" George Josselyn In-House Counsel Sellar Properties

"I was impressed at the empathy and understanding shown by the Mediator and the Assistant Mediator, not only to the Parties but also to their respective advisers, in a particularly difficult mediation." Solicitor for the Defendant

"Your perseverance to the end and not giving up....was admirable" Observer

"Henry was enormously patient, understanding and energetic throughout a long and sometimes frustrating day and I'm sure the parties would not have reached any kind of deal without Henry's determination" Observer

"I'd like to thank you for your efforts yesterday. I felt you did the best you possibly could under the circumstances and made a determined effort to bring the parties to a settlement. Indeed I was sufficiently impressed with your efforts that I will consider nominating you as a mediator in future cases." Peter Smith E.ON Energy Solutions Ltd Legal Team

"Both myself and my client are extremely grateful to you for your efforts" Mohinder Gill Sternberg Reed

"Couldn't have done it without his involvement" Respondent

"The fastest and most constructive mediation I have yet attended, the clients were very impressed. Mr Minto struck exactly the right note, however as the parties were also determined to reach an agreement his input did not need to be tested!" Defendants' solicitor

"Excellent service. Will recommend the Clerksroom, the location and the mediator" Anthony Middleton, Keoghs Solicitors


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👍 90%

league table position 7 / 161

total mediations undertaken 1042

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Towergate Professional Risks

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31 January 2024

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Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

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25 November 2009

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