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General Information

With a general common law practice, Ian is able to act in several different areas. His particular expertise lies in personal injury, professional discipline and regulation, employment and costs. Based in Manchester, Ian is happy to travel nationwide. Approximately half his court practice is in London.

First and foremost a trial lawyer, Ian has a particular reputation in this aspect of his work. He is fully authorised to accept direct access work and is further authorised to conduct litigation. Direct access will be considered on a case-by-case basis but is most suited to professional conduct and employment law matters.

Ian has an established fast and multi-track practice dealing with matters worth up to £5 million. His practice is split evenly between claimant and defendant. He has undertaken mediation training and represents claimants and defendants in these matters.

Areas of law

Personal Injury

Professional Disciplinary/Regulatory and Negligence


Ian believes that many advocates tend to settle employment cases too readily on the day of the final hearing and, whilst settlement can often be the best outcome for the client, a better settlement or result can often ensue if a robust line is taken at the hearing.


Ian is very happy to represent clients in the SCCO in London and he produces a regular ‘Costs Bulletin’, as well as regularly lecturing and advising on the subject. Having costs expertise gives Ian an edge in his general trial work when costs are summarily assessed and can make a great deal of difference to the net end result for both lay clients and solicitors.



Ian was friendly, knowledgeable and very effective in assisting with defending an application and representing us at court. He provided a high level of client service and I can highly recommend him as a barrister

Betsy Public Access Client

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and assistance in helping me to win my case. My case has lingered on for years and I been passed from pillar to post, all I can say is I wish I had contacted you and your team five years earlier. A court of law was a completely new and daunting experience for me and I simply couldn’t have done it without your help. You, along with colleague Mr Redfern were highly impressive in the professionalism and attention to detail you put forward. Even from an observer who has never stepped foot in a court room it was clear to see. It was obviously a result of hard work and dedication on your part. I got the result I wanted and more and I couldn’t have done this without you in my corner.

Chris Cooper Public Access

I just wanted to follow up from yesterday's training that Ian Skeate kindly came and provided [on Industrial Disease claims]. The feedback from the guys here that attended was fantastic. They were all very impressed and feel that it was extremely beneficial and that they learnt so much from Ian.

Michelle Baines, Partner & Practice Manager 7LLP Solicitors

Absolutely blinding result from Ian [Skeate] in Court today - fantastic! (Personal Injury case)

Bethany Blamire Trethowans

I just thought I would let you know that the clients were extremely impressed with you and said that:- 'Ian [Skeate] was a great representative. He was thoroughly professional throughout and spent time each morning, lunch and at the finish each day, making sure we were prepped, debriefed, understanding where we were at and seeking clarification on any points. So a fantastic job.' Thanks again. (Employment case)

Beth Attwood Berry Smith LLP


How to Run A Deafness Case From A-Z (+ HAVS/VWF add-on if required) - 2-3 Hours.


Notable/interesting cases include:

QADER & OTHERS V ESURE SERVICES LIMITED [2015] EWHC B18 (TCC) (Current citation is wrong as this was an appeal in the County Court).  

Appeal as to whether Fixed Recoverable Costs apply to multi-track cases that started in the MOJ low value portal.

Dr. G v GMC 2015

Dr. G, a foreign qualified doctor, had successfully completed IElLTS, PLAB 1 & 2 and applied for provisional registration with the GMC prior to starting her Foundation Year. However, she had been given a conditional discharge on 4 counts of falsely obtaining benefits under s.112 of the Social Security Administration Act 1992.  Despite there being considerable mitigating circumstances and her declaring this on her application the GMC refused her application on the grounds that her fitness to practice was impaired.  Ian handled all aspects of the appeal and successfully argued that the conditional discharges were not 'convictions' thus fatally undermining the Assistant Registrar's decision.  The GMC re-considered the decision without the need for an appeal hearing and granted Dr G provisional registration without conditions.

R (on the application of JOANNA TRAFFORD) V BLACKPOOL BOROUGH COUNCIL [2014] EWHC 85 (Admin) 

A local authority's decision not to renew the lease of premises occupied by a firm of solicitors which represented claimants bringing claims against the local authority was vitiated by the improper exercise of discretion. The decision had not been based on a rational assessment of the relevant considerations, but had been motivated solely by retaliation against the tenant for perceived damage to the local authority's financial interests.


High value PTSD case for a civilian electrical contractor embedded with the British Army in Iraq.  Issues included the application or otherwise of the Compensation Act 2006 as well as complex issues of duty of care for stress at work involving the interaction between the military and specialised sub-contractors in a war zone environment.

Henry v Liverpool CC (2014) (Unreported)

A further case where the Defendant's reliance on the Compensation Act 2006 to avoid a duty of care was successfully rebutted.  A school was held liable for failing to supervise a disabled pupil at a para-athlete event resulting in personal injury.

Bombis & others v Schiff, Waddicor and Allianz, 2014 Preston County Court:

3 day trial of the same Claimant involved in 2 separate car crashes, each defended on the basis of fraud – each Defendant independently of the other claimed deliberate slam on and queried the identity of the Claimants alleging phantom passengers.  Both claims fully successful and all allegations of fraud dismissed.


Guidance on the effect on legitimate heads of claim of putting forward some dishonest heads.

Counsel to GNER in the Selby Rail Disaster Inquest 2002.

Ian Skeate

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Qualified in 2002