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General Information

Peter is a civil practitioner specialising in dealing with commercial disputes faced by small and medium-sized companies, their directors, shareholders and employees. He also has a growing family law practice. He is happy to accept instructions as counsel from solicitors or through public/direct access.

Prior to joining the bar, Peter started his career with a PhD in chemical engineering and spent 15 years in the chemical industry in a variety of roles in research, production, sales and business management. He then led a management buyout and implemented a buy-and-build strategy to create a leading European speciality chemical producer.

Peter continued investing and building a diverse range of successful companies working as a chairman, entrepreneur, investor and non-executive director in the chemicals, logistics, food, consumer and legal sectors. Whilst working in business, he gained practical experience of a range of legal activities in a variety of areas, including employment, dispute resolution, commercial litigation, company law, M&A, banking, and regulatory. 

His unusual combination of technical and legal training, coupled with business experience and psychology, enables Peter to develop a deeper understanding of clients’ needs and the legal and practical solutions that can be offered to resolve legal issues successfully.

Areas of law

Business & Commercial Law

With extensive commercial experience, Peter has a distinctive ability to understand and analyse company accounts and financial information, as well as complex business structures. He makes a valuable contribution to disputes involving consideration of financial information and cross-examination of experts, valuation of companies and any financial wrongdoing. Peter's skills and experience are particularly valuable in matters including: 

Family Law

Peter’s financial experience provides a distinct advantage when resolving family disputes where the valuation of business assets and investments is a key issue. He also has significant experience in business and family negotiations. Coupled with his experience of mediation, he is well placed to be involved in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Employment Law

Utilising his practical experience of how companies work, Peter acts for both employers and employees in a range of employment disputes, including: 

Other Areas of Law

Peter’s pupillage in a common law set provides him with the experience necessary to act in hearings including clinical negligence, credit hire (claimant or defendant) and road traffic accidents/personal injury.

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Personal Interests

Peter enjoys scuba diving and taking photographs of sharks and wrecks, as well as skiing and bungee jumping. These hobbies share some of the characteristics of being at the bar in that they all require careful planning, attention to detail, and compliance with procedures and regulations… as well as providing bursts of adrenalin.


I count myself most fortunate, having instructed Dr Peter Fields of counsel to represent a client both on a Magistrates’ Court matter and on an extremely complicated Crown Court matter. The outcomes on both criminal litigation matters speak volumes to Dr Fields’ excellence – the Magistrates’ Court matter was discontinued and my client was acquitted after trial in the Crown Court. I was totally bowled over by Dr Fields’ assiduousness and attention to detail, his exceptional memory and his relentless pursuit of justice. Throughout the entire 16 months that it took both matters to conclude, I came to thoroughly rely on Dr Fields’ broad knowledge and understanding of the law, his keen intellect and his sage guidance. Dr Fields’ endless patience, his steadfast handling and his bright sense of humour made a cinch of what would otherwise have been a very stressful matter for me. I cannot thank Dr Fields enough for his brilliant advice and assistance and simply cannot wait to instruct him on my next impossible case!

iLSE Gifford Consultant Solicitor-Advocate

My father is nearly 80, unfortunately, he found himself caught in a marital dispute when he became a victim of his own kindness. My brother and his ex wife had been residing rent free at his property for over 20 years. My brother divorced his wife and then left the property. She was aggrieved and tried to cheat my father out of his life savings by claiming she had a beneficiary interest in the property. She claimed my father had gifted them the property and due to this, they had carried out substantial works and she refused to leave the property. Dr Peter Fields represented my brother who was the second Defendant in this case at the 3 day trial in court. We instructed him on a public access basis as he was highly recommended by a trusted source. I feel privileged to write this testimonial for Dr Fields. He made a huge impact in such a short space of time. He is no doubt a truly humble individual with a fount of knowledge. Leading up to the trial, Dr Fields extensively studied the bundles and held a couple of remote meetings with my brother and myself. He summarised his understanding and asked questions where he identified gaps. It was clear he had gone through all the witness statements with a fine tooth comb. We found working with him to be an absolute pleasure. He is a very capable barrister with high ethical standards, he has shown empathy, integrity and self motivation. Dr Fields has worked extremely hard and fought for justice for my father. He put forward a strong argument before the court which showed the inconsistencies and weaknesses in the First Defendant’s evidence. Dr Fields is a dedicated and responsible barrister who takes his role seriously. He is approachable and has good listening skills. Without his valuable services, my brother would have been at a disadvantage. Although, my father is the sole proprietor of the property, it was actually a matrimonial home for my brother and his ex wife. The judge gave possession of my father’s property back to him and ordered the First Defendant to leave. She was not entitled to a single penny! Dr Fields is client focused and has a clear ability to communicate with people from diverse walks of life. He has a very good understanding of different cultures. His polite and helpful nature quickly allowed him to build a rapport with my brother. Overall, Dr Fields is a highly skilled barrister who is non judgemental. He has worked incredibly hard to achieve the desired outcomes for my brother and father. We are very pleased with the services provided by him. We would highly recommend him to other people who find themselves in a vulnerable position. Dr Fields is also an expert in other areas of law.

M.B and M.S Public Access

Dr Peter Fields

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Qualified in 2014