Jenan Jaafar 

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General Information

With a wealth of experience in media law, working as both in house counsel and a Libel Lawyer, Jenan Jaafar is a specialist Defamation Law & Privacy Law Barrister.

Called to the Bar in 2002, Jenan has advised and represented some of the biggest media brands including The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Express and OK! Magazine. She has successfully represented clients at High Court emergency hearings, seeking and challenging injunctions regarding the publication of images or information. She also represents individuals and provides pre- and post- publication advice on libel, privacy, contempt and copyright.

Whilst Jenan worked at Northern & Shell magazines, the company did not pay a single penny in damages or issue a single apology on any of her cases. Thanks to the rigorous systems and comprehensive journalist training she put in place, every single case she handled was defended successfully.

Direct Access qualified, Jenan can be instructed by solicitors and directly by members of the public. She works with celebrities, TV personalities, YouTubers, bloggers, Vloggers and individuals to resolve personal data issues where clients feel that their right to family and privacy isn’t being respected or their freedom of speech is under threat.

Legal Expertise

Jenan accepts instructions from both claimants and defendants, representing individuals, companies and media owners in a range of cases including:


-        Defamation Law – Libel and Slander, both claimant and defendant work.

-        Privacy Law – Invasion of Privacy, Data Protection, Right to Respect for Private and Family Life, Human Rights & GDPR

-        Drafting accurate legal documents and conducting persuasive negotiations

-        Applying for injunctions to prevent or secure the publishing of images and information

-        Emergency/late night/weekend hearings in the High Court

-        Settling cases out of court wherever possible, to help clients avoid the expense and stress of court

-        Helping clients to pursue remedies including apologies, corrections, financial damages and undertaking against future publications


-Media law training for journalists

-Improving and updating their knowledge and understanding of media law issues

This has been proven to lead to better relationships between legal and editorial staff and a resulting drop in the number of copy amendments needed to avoid potential legal pitfalls without compromising the integrity of the articles or leading to the unnecessary “chilling” of published material.


Developing a practice in Education Law, Jenan represents individuals who are unhappy with their PhD, Degree or A-level results, helping them to gain the results they feel they deserve.


Jenan gives legal advice on Intellectual Property and design right infringements, enabling companies and individuals to protect their designs from copying through patents, licensing agreements and cease and desist proceedings.

Professional Qualifications

-Public Access Barrister Qualification

-Bar Vocational Course - Inns of Court Law School, London

-Post Graduate Diploma in Law – The College of Law, London

-Bachelor of Science (BSc), Psychology - University College London

Outside the office

Outside of court, Jenan is writing her first novel, a crime thriller, and a gritty drama screenplay. She likes to scuba dive, especially in Thailand where she lived for a year teaching English.


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Jenan Jaafar

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Qualified in 2002