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Amanda is a commercial lawyer with an emphasis on employment law and discrimination, who works throughout the UK. She is down-to-earth and direct with her advice. She has experience working for SMEs, companies, media personalities and individuals. Amanda has over 20 years of experience in the employment tribunal and over 18 years of experience in civil and commercial litigation.

Employment law – with over 20 years of experience in employment law, Amanda has worked throughout the UK and represented claimants and respondents in every area of employment law, including:

Age discrimination

Breach of Contract

Bullying and harassment

Contract law



Disability discrimination

Discrimination (sex, race, disability, religion)

Dismissal including Constructive Dismissal

Equal pay claims


Pregnancy discrimination

Race discrimination


Restraint of Trade

Restrictive Covenants

Settlement Agreements

Unfair Dismissal



Cases which have been in the news have involved religious discrimination, race discrimination, and pregnancy dismissal. Amanda has represented clients in multi-claimant cases, including 20 claimants in an insolvency matter and defending a pensions issue involving over 11,000 employees. Work includes regulatory advice/compliance and personal injury, in the context of employment law. Amanda does not accept instructions for stand-alone personal injury or pension matters.

Civil and Commercial Litigation – Amanda has 18 years’ experience and particularly enjoys jurisdiction arguments and strike out applications, complex legal applications and challenges, injunctive proceedings, judicial review proceedings, human rights arguments, and contractual disputes. Cases have included: Permission to appeal granted to pursue an action against a high street bank for breach of trust, dispute of ownership of a small airplane held on trust by a third party, psychiatric injury arising from breach of duty by employer, breach of contract in delivery of a vessel, and obtaining an Interim Injunction to prevent a performer from breaching copyright and IP. She has also advised on and defended cases referred to the CJEU.

Entertainment law- Amanda has worked for media clients (actors, musicians and a music company) and her work has included drafting/negotiationg contracts, settlement agreements, injunctions and defamation. She is the private lawyer for Navi and the lawyer for Showtime Productions Ltd, and is involved (non-legal capacity) with the entertainment industry.

Direct Access Practice:
Amanda is qualified to accept instructions directly from members of the public and professional clients under the Direct Public Access scheme.


Amanda won 11 commendations and 2 awards, including the Maths Award, in her last two years at school. She started her first business when she was 16, while attending college. There, Amanda studied law at A level, as well as obtaining a GCSE in law and a GSCE in German (Amanda also completed her German A Level within 5 months), before she attended both universities in Leeds.  Amanda studied for her first degree, an LLB (with Hons) in law, followed by a Masters in European Legal Studies (with additional languages - French and Dutch) under Professors John Bell and Jo Shaw in 1997. She prepared her thesis under the guidance of Professor Bell. 

She then read degree-level Latin at Leeds, while she worked as a volunteer legal advisor for the Citizens Advice Bureau. Within months, Amanda was trained as the Employment Rights Officer, representing clients in tribunal proceedings. Her first court/tribunal hearing was in the Employment Appeal Tribunal. Amanda dealt with over 70 employment law cases before she attended Bar School. Amanda also became a Director of the CAB she was based at. By this point, Amanda had studied several other languages including Egyptian Arabic, Japanese and Italian (for social use). 

In 1999, Amanda attended BPP Law School in London achieving a VC (Very Competent) and was called to the Bar at Gray's Inn in July 2000. She gained pupillage with J. Henry Trumpington at Staple Inn Chambers, where she undertook general common law and commercial work.  As a result of her legal experience, Amanda was given dispensation by the Bar Council and qualified early (8 months instead of the standard 12) and was immediately offered tenancy at 169 Temple Avenue, London, the Chambers of the late Evan Ashfield, where she practised civil and commercial litigation, with an emphasis on insurance law and employment law.

Amanda joined Broadway House Chambers, as part of the Employment Team in Leeds, alongside undertaking commercial chancery work, for several years before returning to London.  As part of that team she delivered seminars and training to solicitors and local authorities, which she continues to offer. 

Following her return to London, Amanda set up her own Chambers alongside working with solicitors' firms, SMEs, and companies, during which she has continued to practice employment law and civil and commercial litigation, as well as providing private training and undertaking pro bono work. Amanda works throughout the UK.

In 2019 Amanda trained with the London School of Mediation and is an Accredited Mediator. She undertook workplace mediation training in 2021.

Amanda spends her spare time painting and writing; Amanda's paintings are available for sale publicly and she has written several books including Brexit A2Z: Facts Not Fiction (designed for lay people). Her articles regularly appear in the Yorkshire Bylines and she has co-authored a series of articles with David Wolchover for the New Law Journal. Amanda also writes fiction and edits screenplays, usually under a pseudonym. 

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I would highly recommend Amanda to any company or HR professional who requires a Barrister for Employment Tribunal proceedings. She is very direct, confident, knowledgeable, and thorough. She explained the whole process clearly and I felt very comfortable throughout the process that I was in safe hands. The case and the claimant was very challenging but Amanda handled it all fairly with professionalism and tact.

Deborah Nichol Head of Human Resources

I am very grateful to Clerksroom and Amanda. Amanda was able to offer me legal advice within 48 hours of being instructed, and as a result I was able to resolve a very stressful legal dispute that I was involved in. Amanda listened to my concerns and explained her advice in a way that a litigant in person, like myself, could understand. I would highly recommend her.

DM Direct Access Client

Amanda provided a first-class service from the minute I appointed her to represent me, she gave clear and concise advice. The law can be a very complex and she made what was confusing seem clear for the first time in a long time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Amanda, her approach and calmness helped to calm me, which is all I really needed at the time.

GL Public Access Client

‘At all times, Amanda gave me the utmost confidence that I was getting the best possible advice. I found her enthusiasm to be a great comfort. My questions about the rights I have under employment law and best possible strategy for my particular case and circumstances, were answered clearly, with options given and reasons why I might choose one or the other. I learnt a great deal from Amanda's advice that gives me renewed confidence on what I need to be aware of in my future relationships with employers. Also, as I am now making the transition to business owner, I am also much better prepared in terms of the duties and responsibilities I have towards my own employees. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the service from Clerksroom. I certainly recommend Amanda unreservedly to anyone needing support and representation in employment cases.’

MC Direct Access Client

"I was recommended to use Amanda Nanhoo by clerks room direct for my Employment Tribunal hearing. I found Amanda to be the most genuine and sincere counsel I have worked with to date. She did a brilliant job keeping me grounded and focused. Litigation is a stressful process, being a litigant in person adds extra level of pressure and stress, by having Amanda on my side and supporting me through the entire process made it so much easier for me. I found Amanda to be extremely good at her Job and she went the extra mile to support me in what I instructed her to do and more. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking for honest sincere competent representation."

TA Direct Access Client


Publications include: • The latest attack on our judiciary begs the question: have we surrendered to fascism? • Judicial Review under review • Covid-19: early reopening worse than lockdown • Who will benefit from a no-deal Brexit? • Constructive Dismissal at the highest echelons of government • Brexit, the Prime Minister and the Single Market • Brexit: the beginning of the end? • The referendum leave campaign & electoral breaches • The Impact of Brexit on Workers' Rights • Is Brexit a Russia-backed Coup? • Brexit A2Z: Facts Not Fiction

Amanda Nanhoo-Robinson

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