Jacqueline Rubens 

Membership Status: Barrister - Full Member

General Information

Jacqueline Rubens
Call 1989
LlB (Hons) UCL 1988
BA (History) (Florida) 1982


Jacqueline is a very experienced civil litigation practitioner whose cases usually involve a property dispute.  As a trained mediator she is valued for her pragmatic approach to providing cogent advice, clear drafting and representation for her professional and lay clients.  Jacqueline’s high standards of professionalism are matched by approachability and keenness to offer her expertise collaboratively. 



Jacqueline is a member of:

She has been accredited to undertake public access work since 2011, and is a pupil supervisor from which she derives much satisfaction.


Travel and the arts, especially opera, collecting ceramics

Travel, sailing and the arts, especially operas; and collecting ceramics

Public Access Accredited



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Jacqueline Rubens

phone01823 247 247


Qualified in 1989