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Haresh has a unique skillset which makes him the perfect fit for a variety of Public Access work as well as Solicitor instructions. Before joining the Bar, Haresh qualified as a Solicitor and subsequently a Solicitor Advocate at one of Nottingham’s best regional Law firms; Smalleys Solicitors. Consequently, Haresh understands the importance of tailor-made client care which he provides through the use of his spoken languages (Spanish, Hindi & Punjabi and intermediate Italian and basic French) and by conducting home visits. Haresh offers his legal services to clients all over the U.K. (particularly the East Midlands) and Andalucia (Spain, particularly Sevilla).

Haresh’s practise is drawn from his personal and professional experiences as he has a wide understanding of various industries in which he has either worked or continues to work. For example, Haresh has 12 years teaching experience of, English, Modern Foreign Languages and Law. He has also worked in a hospital teaching, and consequently, he has advised many people from the education and medical world and advised many medical professionals such as nurses and doctors. Furthermore, Haresh has extensive experience in the Media world as he has worked as a Journalist for BBC and a Professional Actor in London and performed/written comedy. During these experiences he has advised on performing contracts, censorship, defamation and freedom of expression. Haresh is also an avid documentary film maker and is currently studying an MA in filmmaking learning about the legal issues concerning film companies and film makers. Furthermore, Haresh has spent the last two years researching on the legal issues concerning the adult industry and now offers advise to people working/offering services within this industry on a direct access basis.

Areas of Law;

International Work: Haresh has conducted placements abroad learning the law on different jurisdictions and international arbitration in Brazil and South Korea on Bar Council missions abroad.

Awareness and Charity work: For 25 years since the age of 17, Haresh and his friends have been involved in a number of Human Rights, Equality and Charity projects and raised more than £10,000 for a variety of causes. Between 2007-2019 one of their projects was called ‘give yourself’, whereby Haresh donated his hair 4 times for a wig to be made for children who undergo chemotherapy. 
Presently Haresh reports on local events to hospital patients on Millside Radio based at Kings Mill Hospital, Mansfield Millside Radio. 

Awards and achievements: 

Haresh currently sits on the Policy and Editorial Board of Counsel Magazine. He is also a member of the Bar European Group, Employment Law Bar Association and the Criminal Bar Association. In 2001, Haresh was awarded an accolade as Tomorrow’s Lawyer in the Times Newspaper National Student Awards, and in 2002 he was shortlisted in the GG2 diversity and leadership awards. In 2004, Haresh was invited to be part of Her Majesty’s Judging Panel for Unsung Heroes. In 2010, he was recognised in the Law Teacher of the Year Awards by Oxford University Press.

Interests: Haresh is an avid runner and swimmer and also enjoys writing. Haresh has contributed articles on discrimination and equality in magazines such as the Parliamentary Monitor, and his dissertation is archived in the library of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg which covers the subject of Freedom of expression Vs privacy dealing with the Article 8 and 10 clashes of the ECHR. Haresh also writes comedy poetry on his blog.


I recently had need of Haresh's expertise in a small claim. I was more than satisfied with the help that he gave me, in fact I would go as far as to say that I wouldn't have had the success I did, without him. His tenacity and professionalism won the day. His calm, sensitive approach puts you at ease in an otherwise stressful situation. I would recommend him to anyone in need of some legal help, whether it's advice or representation you're looking for, he's your man!

Caron (last name not published) Direct Access Client

I had been recommended to Mr Haresh Sood by a member of my family and a family friend who had both used Mr Sood to help them with their workplace issues. My Union was ill equiped to help me with my particular work situation, but Mr Sood took my case on. He was incredibly empathetic and sympathetic but more importantly, helped me to resolve my work problems to my satisfaction

Anonymous Public Access Client

We consider ourselves lucky to have found Haresh. He has helped our family on more than one occasion, always going out of his way to make sure we fully understood the issues he was helping us through with clear explanations and genuine empathy. As well as being an expert in his field he is one of the nicest people we have ever met.

Darren Stokes Client

Haresh Sood

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Qualified in 2009