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Sarah is a practising barrister specialising in civil and commercial law, representing clients both locally and nationwide. Having graduated with first class honours, and with the benefit of a prestigious Middle Temple scholarship, Sarah was called to the Bar in 2017. With over a decade of previous work experience, and having undertaken pupillage outside a traditional set of Chambers, working for a firm of leading road transport lawyers, Sarah brings a wealth of commercial insight and understanding for counsel of her call.

Together with her work experience as a solicitor agent for a leading national provider of advocacy services, she has established a reputation as a skilled and confident advocate.

Sarah is unafraid to embrace difficult or unusual legal argument, and approach every case, from the simple to the complex, with the same enthusiasm and meticulous level of preparation. Sarah is also a personable and approachable individual, often commended for her ability to put lay clients at ease, and to instil absolute confidence and trust in those instructing her.

Sarah is highly adept in dealing with a wide range of civil and commercial matters, including but not limited to the following areas of practice:


I was just reviewing our file in the matter and happen to come across the report from a possession hearing that Sarah attended on our behalf on yesterday. All I can say is that Sarah did a fantastic job given the opposition from Counsel and would ask that you pass on my appreciation. In addition, the report is brilliant and confirms the full details and exactly what happened. I have to say, it is one of the best I have ever come across. Sarah seemed so determined to get the order we required.

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Sarah Platts

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Qualified in 2017