Nastassi Jennings 

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General Information

Stassi Jennings, Public access clerk


Call Stassi: 01823 804337

Stassi is a dedicated public access clerk within the team at Clerksroom Direct. She is responsible for converting enquiries from public access clients into paid instructions for barristers. 

Stassi enjoys working in the progressive and fast-paced environment offered by Clerksroom Direct. She is motivated by finding cost-effective solutions for clients in need, often out of hours and at very short notice. She prides herself on providing a top-notch service to her clients and can be relied upon to go 'above and beyond' to ensure that they are well looked after. She also enjoys an excellent, honest working relationship with the barristers in the team. 

Before joining the team at Clerksroom Direct, Stassi worked in a dental practice providing administrative support to a busy team of dentists and their clients in a role that equipped her very well for dealing directly with the public in her current position.

When not at work, Stassi enjoys going away in her self built camper exploring wales.


Nastassi Jennings

phone01823 247 247