Mia El-Sobky 

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General Information

Mia’s current practice focuses almost exclusively on Family Law with an emphasis on disputes involving Child Arrangements and Ancillary Relief. She can be instructed to deal with disputes involving but not limited to contact and residence, prohibited steps and Specific Issue Orders.


Mia also has extensive experience of cases involving allegations of domestic violence and substance abuse with heavy social services / Local Authority / CAFCASS involvement; and is frequently instructed to represent clients in fact-finding hearings. Mia’s experience of criminal practice lends itself well to this area; she is a forthright and robust court advocate who can be relied upon to fight her client’s corner in contested hearings.


Mia’s private law family practice involves the following areas:



In addition to these areas, Mia is experienced when it comes to advising and representing clients in relation to injunctive proceedings such as applications for non-molestation orders and occupation orders. Mia represents both applicants and respondents throughout these proceedings from ex parte (without notice) applications to final hearing.


Civil law


Mia’s civil law practice involves advising and representing clients on a variety of proceedings in the county court and various tribunals all the way to the High Court. Her experience of civil cases includes but is not limited to:



Mia can be instructed to advise in writing, in conference or over the telephone. She also undertakes drafting work and can be instructed to prepare applications, correspondence, draft orders, witness statements and various written submissions including skeleton arguments.




Mariam spent 14 years from 2002 working for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in London in a senior litigative and frontline criminal role. She ended her career there as a Senior Crown Prosecutor on the Central London Crown Court team. She therefore has a wide and varied experience of a full range of criminal matters. Mia can Defend just as expertly, and has represented clients in the Crown, Magistrates and Youth courts across the UK. She was instructed in some high profile cases during the May Day riots in London in 2001 and 2002. Mia has a high level of expertise in all manner of criminal proceedings including those involving charges of violence (including sexual violence), Public Order (including violent disorder), offences under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, Drugs (possession, importation / exportation and supply), Fraud, Harassment (including stalking), and motoring offences.




Following on from her experience with the United Nations, Mia did a fair amount of Immigration work in London in the early years of her practice dealing with cases under (but not limited to) the Immigration Acts of 1971 & 1988, the Asylum and Immigration Appeals Act 1993, and the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999. She represented clients in the First Tier of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber in London and the Tribunal’s Upper Tier.  The Human Rights Act 1998 makes the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) justiciable in the courts of the United Kingdom, including the Immigration and Asylum Chamber. Since the HRA came into force in October 2000 much of Mia’s practice at this time was based around the interpretation of this legislation especially in regards to its application to English Law; in particular Articles 1-14 and the Protocols to the European Convention on Human Rights.


She has done a great deal of voluntary work, including for the Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture where she dealt with victims of the Sri Lankan Civil War, namely members and associates of the LTTE (the Tamil Tigers) for their separatist actions against the then government.  In Egypt she worked with local orphanages and to this day has a special interest in the rights of children. As a student in Newcastle she assisted extensively with the influx of refugees from the former Republic of Yugoslavia, including people who were tortured in Serb-run detention camps; later visiting the ICTY in the Hague to observe in person the trial of War Criminal Goran Yelisic.




Prior to being called to the Bar, Mariam worked in private client and international law in Egypt for a year and then spent 6 months with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in London, dealing mainly with Asylum law which is the subject of the 1951 Geneva Convention on the Status of Refugees; in accordance with which Contracting States accept an obligation to grant asylum to persons who can show that if they are returned to their countries of origin they face a reasonable degree of likelihood of risk of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.


Mariam has a particular interest in women’s rights, equal opportunities in the workplace (especially workplace bullying and discrimination due to pregnancy), equal pay and sexual harassment at work (against both sexes). She has a strong civil liberties / human rights background, and is a long standing member of Amnesty International, Fathers for Justice, the Society of Black Lawyers, and MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians).


Mariam is an aggressive defender of human rights and has marched in Trafalgar Square alongside our LGBT community and attended civil rallies in defence of civil liberties. She avidly supports ActionAid who champion the basic human rights of underprivileged women and girls around the world. Mia will take on pro bono work for the right client. She graduated in Law in Newcastle, did her Bar exams in Bristol and has a Masters degree in Law from Kingston University. She spent 3 years living in Saudi Arabia and is fluent in Arabic. This Barrister is a proud Feminist and single mother with 2 young boys. She lives in Surrey.

Professional memberships:

Family Bar Association
Ci Arb (Chartered institute of Arbitrators)
Criminal Bar Association


An absolute pleasure to deal with - First Rate. I had the absolute privilege of dealing with Sam Morgan as Senior Clerk and Mariam El-Sobky as counsel in what was a very sensitive family court matter. The service was expedient, courteous and very professional with a highly satisfactory result (for all parties) obtained thanks in no small part to their absolute diligence and extensive knowledge and expertise in the salient field. They made a very difficult situation a lot better. It is wholeheartedly that I totally recommend them.

Father in NMO proceedings (Family Law Act)

I cannot thank you enough your closing submission was amazing you actually told the court what was going on without mincing your words I’ve never had that before. I feel that my legal representation all the way through this have just agreed with each other and not spoken up enough to highlight my very real worries about this mans behaviour towards myself and Scarlett. I honestly think your submission made a huge difference as I could see the judge was picking up on a lot of what you had brought up and did highlight that he has abused me in the past and that must not go unnoticed. She was also very against the idea that I was alienating. We have a care order with the same guardian for 12 months and she wants us to attend family therapy which I’m not crazy about but will do if I have to.

Miss MP Child Arrangements

Absolutely outstanding! Mia has that most rare of qualities in a barrister- she combines a formidable forensic intelligence with a genuine empathy and compassion for the people she helps. I have considerable experience of Barristers, both in my own case and in my 6 years as a McKenzie friend. I have yet to meet one with the qualities that Mia has naturally. I have to say that she pretty much saved my life when I was faced with with a cruel and painful final hearing and did not know where to turn . Whem Mia realised how low my mood had sunk she said pick up the phone anytime you are feeling that low. I was shocked as I have never heard anything like that from a barrister before. She also took it upon herself to clear up a few bits of paperwork for me with the other side as I was clearly not up to the task. When we actually went into court Mia was well prepared and able to fend off the most unpleasant attacks from the other side with the greatest of courtesy and patience. They looked like embarrassed amateurs by comparison. I don't think I would ever consider using anyone else if I need a barrister again. You simply don't get barristers who are excellent in court and also show a duty of care to their clients outside. When you pay for a barrister to represent you in court, you should, above all, feel protected in court. That has not always been the case with the barristers I have used. It has certainly been the case with Mia and I could not recommend her highly enough.

Mr DB Lay Client

Very happy with the service received throughout from Mariam and would use again. Mariam went above and beyond to help me with my case.

Mr DT, Child Arrangements Public Access

For the record. Mariam has been fantastic and yesterday she was 100% professional as I was listening in on the legal minefield on a phone-call hearing in these surreal Covid days.

Mr GL (child arrangements order) Public Access

Dear Mariam Thank u for yesterday can't tell u how that's made me and family the result I will leave feed back as soon as I'm on laptop can't thank u enough ur a star thank u for helping fight for my little girl

Mr JD in Children Act proceedings Lay Client

I cannot thank you enough for giving up your time today to help us, you really are an angel in disguise and we can never repay you for what you have done, you are one in a million and our children are very lucky we have had your help

Ms G R Lay Client - Children Act Matter

Thank you Mia, pleasure was all mine you done a brilliant job my children and I thank you so much really appreciate it.

Mr C W Lay Client - Child Arrangements November 2019

Dear Mia Thank you for all your help with my case. We got a good result today and I really appreciate the support you gave me during such a stressful period in my life. Warm Regards

Miss RE Ancillary Relief Proceedings

This lady is the real deal - Warm, Personable and Professional. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her as you will not be let down in any sense and will be treated with consistent compassion, honesty and respect throughout no matter what else she may be juggling at the time. Her knowledge is of course vast and she will be totally honest and realistic. Has lived in the real world and knows how it all works. Genuinely cares about you, your children and your case. (Advice on child arrangements application 2019)

Miss J L Lay Client

Want to thank you for today can’t tell you how happy i am your amazing and haven’t felt this happy for ages thank you so much.

Mr JL Child Arrangements - Lay Client

Once again l cannot thank you enough for the amazing job done, fantastic result! Thank you!

RS Non Molestation Order, Lay Client

I am so grateful and forever indebted for all your support and help. You were fantastic to me on the court day.

SH, Chelmsford Ancillary Relief, Lay Client

Thank you so much for today, I’m so grateful.

HC, Coventry Child Arrangements, Lay Client

Mia is a world class advocate who is extremely down to earth and relatable. She has assisted me greatly in my case and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her! She’s professional, knowledgeable and a true asset to anyone that instructs her. My case is a complex one with multiple issues but Mia has been able to get to grips with the issues quickly and advance my case appropriately. As a Litigant in Person this has been a very positive experience for me and as my case advances I will be sure to retain the services of Mia as my Barrister. I will also be sure to recommend Clerksroom to others. Thank you. Kind Regards,

Miss A. T Birmingham, Family Lay Client

I found Mariam to have a superior balance between being professional and personable. She immediately made me comfortable with her presence and exhibited warmth and understanding within the bounds of maintaining professionalism required to the circumstances and her role as a barrister. i am not a legal professional but I noticed that Mariam had expertise that I found to be far superior to other barristers i have engaged in the past. Some of whom were called to the bar many years before Mariam and who have had much greater experience in dealing with cases. I have been represented poorly in my opinion with the very first solicitors i engaged for financial settlement and the barristers they recommended simply did not explain in detail the proceedings, what is expected of me with certain case outcomes. In contrast, Mariam took time to explain to me the entire process, what is expected of me, what I should be doing to help my case and how the process will likely turn out provided I commit to the outcomes of the hearing. I found myself to trust her and her advice and felt she had a very good understanding of the law and legal proceedings. As mentioned above, Mariam is warm, friendly and made me feel at ease immediately on a day that was a culmination of a long, tedious and stressful process. Not having worked on my case before, she made me feel like she understood not only what had transpired to date, but also how stressed and upset I felt about it. She managed my expectations expertly and i trusted that she would represent me with a knowledge of what I have been through emotionally and mentally. Mariam juggled aggression in how she represented my case, with warmth and understanding in a way I haven't seen during my case. I even mentioned to her that no counsel has fought for my case in the way she had. I truly appreciated how she seemed to take my case on, at relatively short notice, with passion and belief. She did no exhibit any judgement on my faults, my doubts or mistakes I had made, but gave me sound advice and fair criticism where required. I believe there is a difference in understanding the law and understanding the law in how it works for an individual. Mariam has an excellent grasp on the latter. She advised me and guided me on matters that I dont have expert knowledge in and managed to advise me in a bespoke manner accounting for the strategy imposed by the other side. I would definitely engage Mariam again, in fact I would insist my solicitor tries to ensure Mariam is available for any future hearing where i require representation.

Mr A. S, Uxbridge Lay Client

It is true to say that Mariam has saved both mine and my family's lives. I contacted Mariam at the very last minute giving her literally a matter of 3 weeks to help me with the most appalling of situations. Mariam told me "you have me now, I've got you and I will fight for your family as if they were my own". And she did. I have not felt like 'another case' for Mariam, she gave importance to my situation, made my problems her own and has breathed passion into her work for me. Mariam has worked relentlessly for me over the last 10 weeks and has encouraged me to contact her at anytime. she always responds... and with both encouragement and advice. Nothing has been too much trouble for her. Mariam has held me up emotionally, has given me hope and strength and has listened intently to everything I have said. She has left no stones unturned. Mariam is brilliant, certainly as a forthcoming, smart working barrister but equally as a human being who has helped to restore my faith (and my family's) in humanity during this immensely crippling time for us. No amount of money can buy or repay what Mariam has brought to our lives. Thank you Mariam, for everything.

Elise Public Access

Hi Mariam The work you did for me today was fantastic you put my mind at ease and although l wasn't sure i did the right thing while i was at court when l arrived home i was happy l made it Thank you so much for all your help l wish you well in the future Kind regards

Ms JN Lay Client

Dear Mia, Thank you very much for your kind help and support today at Court. It was very nice meeting you. Apologies again for my delay in getting there. Thank you for all the hard work and efforts to reach a settlement and for your kind consideration and expert advice. I shall update you and follow-up with as necessary for the Final Hearing.

Ms MA Lay Client

Mia is a Very professional and sharp advocate..very punctual and pay attention to detail. Thanks for representing me today at isleworth crown court.

Mr VM Lay Client

Just a quick email about Mia, from day one of speaking with and then later meeting her in person, Mia she has been professional, knowledgeable and approachable. Nothing is to much trouble for her and her advice and support have been of the up most value to me. She has replied to all my many questions in a timely manner with responses that have allayed my fears and put my mind at rest. But for me above all this Mia is a nice person who genuinely cares about the people she is representing, I have never had the feeling from her that I am just another client. I would have no hesitation about recommending or using clerks room direct in the future and especially Mia. Thank you for your help so far with my case.

Mr LM Lay Client

Dear Mariam, I just wanted to say on record a massive thank you to yourself and to Sam for setting the meeting up. I was so stressed as you’re aware but your help at such short notice was nothing short of biblical. I can’t put into words how much easier you made the situation and I’ll be forever in your debt. Your professional approach was outstanding and I would recommend you to anyone. If there is anywhere I can assist to put public comment to recommend you please advise. The most many of Thanks

Mr AC Lay Client

I wanted to thank Mariam El-Sobky for her kind and professional support in reaching conclusion of a very difficult civil litigation situation. Mariam rapidly understood what was a complex case incisively finding and then communicating the critical points to the court which resulted in the outcome that we all hoped for. In addition Mariam has provided key information in the context of my representing solicitor being closed down by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority enabling me to communicate directly with the county court and maintain visibility in an opaque environment as I patiently await the finalisation of papers and resolution of what has been a horror story. Mariam I am extremely grateful for your representation through this difficult time.

Mr SDB Lay Client

Dear Mia, Thank you very much for your kind help and support today at Court. It was very nice meeting you. Apologies again for my delay in getting there. Thank you for all the hard work and efforts to reach a settlement and for your kind consideration and expert advice. Best Regards, Margaret

Ms MA Lay Client

I wanted to thank Mariam El-Sobky for her kind and professional support in reaching conclusion of a very difficult civil litigation situation. Mariam rapidly understood what was a complex case incisively finding and then communicating the critical points to the court which resulted in the outcome that we all hoped for. Mariam I am extremely grateful for your representation through this difficult time.

Mr S.D. Public Access Client

Mia El-Sobky

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Qualified in 2001