Jane Harris 

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General Information

Jane Harris – Work in Progress Clerk

Email Jane: jane.harris@clerksroom.com

Call Jane: 01823 804266

Jane is a part-time member of the Fees Clerk team, based in West London who shares her role with Louise Reed. She oversees the progress of CFA and Pay at End cases once they have been billed.

Jane enjoys being part of a close nit team and continues to develop good working relationships with new and existing clients.

Jane began her career in chambers in 1979 working in both common law and criminal sets.  After taking a break from working in chambers for a few years she returned to the law and joined Clerksroom in 2012.

When not at work, Jane swims most days. She  loves live music whether in a local pub or large stadium as well as the theatre and ballet. She also enjoys eating out, preferably at the restaurant where her son is a head chef. To relax she does hand embroidery and likes to read.


Jane Harris

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