Taj Uddin PIBA / FLBA

Membership Status: Barrister - Full Member

General Information

Taj focuses on Personal Injury and Ancillary Relief (Divorce Money).

His specialist areas are informed by a continued broader practice, including Housing Disrepair, Property, Insolvency and beyond.

Taj qualified as a solicitor at CMS Cameron McKenna LLP (London) in 2009 and went on to found a tech startup dealing with relationships between landlords and tenants. In 2010, he qualified as a barrister and became public access accredited in 2013.

Taj tends to work on cases from the outset, developing a relationship and strategy with instructing solicitors and lay clients.

Areas of law

Personal Injury

Ancillary Relief/Money after Divorce


Housing Disrepair





Thanks Taj, news of the result has reached Cyprus! They are really pleased and we will definitely be working together again .. probably for the same client. (successful recovery of breach of contract losses / management agent fees against landlord choosing to go direct with tenant on renewal)

Amrik Bains CLC Solicitors

I have only been working with Taj for a few months however everytime I have interacted with him on a case, he has convinced me more and more that he is the Legal equivalent of the Mr. Fix-It; he has taken a tough matter, analysed it and come out with a solution that my clients have found acceptable. Frank Abe, Solicitor (right of way / easement dispute)

Frank Abe Cameron Clarke

I was very impressed how you grasped the nuance of the transaction and picked up on the bluffing and lies that were []'s only apparent defensive tack - no doubt the health issue will be raised again… [Lay Client] (Enforcing a Promissory Note in the context of a bridging finance deal)

Mr Graveney Direct Access

Dear Matthew [Instructing Solicitor] I just wanted to pass on some feedback from today's Trial which was represented by Barrister Taj Uddin. From the onset of meeting with Taj, we were taken through the process of the morning with great care and detail, however it was Taj's meticulous attention to detail and professionalism that really surprised us and this made us feel very well looked after and supported. Please do pass these comments on to him and again we would like to thank both him and your team for the support and time you have given us. With kind regards. Mrs Annabbel Foskett [Lay Client] (successfully defended a personal injury claim from a postal worker for dog biting injuries under the Animals Act 1971)

Mrs Annabbel Foskett Plexus Law

Thank you for a job very well done in difficult circumstances. The client was extremely impressed with you and the excellent result you achieved, especially given the initially unsympathetic bench. Your responsiveness and attention to detail is also highly commendable. Although this was our first case together, I certainly would have no hesitation in again using or in recommending your services. (Possession proceedings, mixed commercial/residential)

Yadevinder Singh Hothi, Solicitor Kingfields Solicitors

Hi (Taj Uddin), Thank you for yesterday it was definitely a better result than I was expecting. As always your efforts are much appreciated. Speak to you soon have a lovely weekend. (PI Causation Trial)

Nageena Choudhury, Solicitor Silverman Peake Solicitors

(Taj Uddin) consistently delivers excellent legal counsel, which is why we refer to him on all of our civil matters, particularly in personal injury as his wealth of knowledge and insight in these areas are exceptional. That said, we are currently working with him on a 250k construction matter and family finance matters generally too. He works tirelessly and with great dedication to get successful results in court as he did for us just last week, where we had an insight on his level of preparation from the prepared cross examination and the notes on the trial bundle. He has a particular eye for detail. Kind regards

Soil Miah Managing Partner at Arton Law

Great result on a case which dragged on for a while. (Taj Uddin) went above and beyond to provide an excellent service and obtain a brilliant outcome. The Claimant described Taj as a wonderful young lawyer who did a brilliant job. (RTA – LVI)

Ercan Sami, Assistant Solicitor Slater Gordon Solutions Legal

Great result, you (Taj Uddin) always deliver as usual. Thanks for your service.

Rizvan Khan Minster Law

Extremely impressed with the result at Trial handled by Taj Uddin, following a lot of hard work on this difficult case which we comfortably won. (RTA / Quasi Fraud)

Paschal Kelly Scott Rees

What an outstanding result my client will be ecstatic, you have far exceeded our own valuation by almost 40%. Once again you [Taj Uddin] have been thorough, supportive and full of useful advice. Thank you very much for all your efforts and attendance. (PI Quantum including scarring)

Nageena Choudhry Silverman Peake Solicitors

Excellent result from Taj despite some initial concerns! Taj always maintains a positive outlook even in the face of adversity! I enjoy working with him and look forward to doing so in the future! - (RTA PI re witness credibility; substantial social media investigations; missing Defendant)

Julie Bullen Scott Rees

I have recently worked with Taj Uddin on a personal injury matter which came to me at the last minute, just before limitation was about to expire. The claim was not straightforward. Taj was happy to accept instructions under a CFA and provided a prompt advise to my ATE insurers to enable me to proceed. After discussions on merits both Taj and I felt the claim should continue and once a liability expert report was obtained it proceeded to a quick resolution. I found Taj very helpful and it was quite refreshing to speak to someone who was both realistic and pragmatic in their approach which is just what the case needed.

Tamsin Day, Partner Marsons

This was a messy and difficult (even if low value) case with some fairly novel problems. We had never come across the issue of the companies being removed from the register before and although we did not recover the costs of the restoration the case has highlighted an issue that BLM can consider and address in the future. I consider you (Taj Uddin) have done a very good job at the hearing and at the previous hearing in December. I appreciate your efforts. (Costs - detailed assessment)

Adam Lidster, Partner, Head of London Costs Dept. BLM

Just a quick note to thank you (Taj Uddin) for dealing so well with this matte. The client was quite anxious about it and I am absolutely aware that the paperwork she had produced was a little shambolic so thank you for dealing with it. I am aware that the client was delighted with the sympathetic manner in which you dealt with her. Thank you again and I will not hesitate to use your services when required in the future.

Bill Sinclair (intermediary in possession matter) Sinclair Taylor Debt Management

Furthermore, I am very happy with the advice and instructions you [Taj Uddin] have given since our conference meeting back in March. We have moved matters on quite considerably with this case. - (relying on a binding settlement on the RTA Protocol v withdrawing admissions of liability CPR 14)

Fung Cheung Lime - The Personal Injury Company

We refer to the above matter and would advise that the client was very happy with the outcome of his claim and we would like to thank you (Taj Uddin) for your kind assistance and great outcome. (substantial loss of use claim)

Kerri Venmore Carpenters

Hi Taj [Uddin] Many thanks for the prompt report and for the way you handled the instructions. The transfer to Swansea was a sudden and unexpected bonus!

David Edwards Edwards Hoyle (Re Case Management and costs CMC)

Hi Taj [Uddin], Thank you for the opinion. My principal was very impressed with the level of detail you have provided and the opinion has been extremely helpful. Should I have any further civil matters I or my principal will certainly contact you again.” (recovering a loan from a partnership and advising on obtaining a freezing (mareva) injunction)

Lucinda Robson Newbold Solicitors

Dear Taj (Uddin), I am pleased to advise that the case has been reinstated. We did not need a hearing - the application notice and my witness statement has done the trick. Thank you for your help with it. I think the point about it being a trivial lacuna swung it. (equity / chancery matter, following a successful application for relief under CPR 3.9!!! Exceptionally rare successful application of this kind in the current climate).

Paul Fleming Owen Kenny Solicitors

Dear Taj, Thank you for your email. I can confirm that the client was very pleased. Please see the attached correspondence from the client. (successfully proved liability 100% quantum 100%) Whilst writing I would ask you to pass on our thanks to Mr Taj Uddin, who was extremely helpful and handled the case very professionally. Lay Client

Fee earner in RTA Matter Judge & Priestley

We have called on Taj Uddin's services a few times in the last year. Both for our own commercial contracts and also to assist with commercial matters for our clients. I can say that on all occasions, Taj was able to provide us with helpful, concise and authoritative legal views on the issues at hand. Communicating with Taj (who is based in Portsmouth) was easy as he was prompt to reply to calls and emails ... he even came out to meet us in London a few times when required. Thanks for all your help!! (matters included advice on novel letting structure with local authorities and breach of directors fiduciary duties).

Kabir Ali KBR Accountancy (licensed access client)

We found Mr Uddin to be very efficient, both responding to questions in advance of the hearing and notifying us of the outcome straight away by telephone. He produced an excellent result for our client. After the hearing he provided a full attendance note. A thoroughly comprehensive service.

April Ross, Litigation Solicitor RJR Solicitors

From the outset, Mr Taj Uddin provided prompt and reliable legal advice on my claim. He thoroughly and expeditiously analysed the dispute and accurately identified enforceable claims to pursue and advised me on the potential legal risks which he anticipated. At the hearing, he skillfully presented insightful arguments and I am very pleased with the successful outcome in which the Court awarded me all that I have asked for.” (international freight, contractual dispute)

Mr Elhag Lay client

Thank you (Taj Uddin) for your assistance on this one and for the helpful guidance points provided. (construction dispute)

Michael Clothier DAC Beachcroft

I have just spoken to [Mrs. C] and she spoke very highly of you. In her words "Mr. [Taj] Uddin, the barrister, was very good, I was really pleased", RTA matter, (successfully proved liability 100% quantum 100% in a case where client hit the back of the other car - it is not always the rear driver's fault!)

Chloe Bell Plexus Law

Dear Sir, I want to extend my sincere appreciation for the tremendous assistance you (Taj Uddin) provided. Your performance and conduct on this date was outstanding in all respects. Again, thank you for a job well done and also my thanks to all your crew for their hard work. (successfully disputed claim based on jurisdiction of county court / abuse of process)

Mr N K Karikari Licensed Access client

Thank you (Taj Uddin). It was a good result. (RTA matter -reduced claim from circa £4,000 to £165; representing Defendant)

Jamie Lusk DWF Solicitors


Personal Injury

[private 2017]: successfully defending an EL claim brought by a tandoori chef burnt by the explosion of a tandoori oven (claim settled by a different defendant on appeal)

[private 2018]: successfully claimed (settled after adjournment of the 1st date for trial) on behalf of a tenant against a local authority landlord, after falling from the 1st floor to the ground floor, through the ground floor ceiling (floor boards removed), when the local authority's agent-builder was carrying out maintenance on the site

[private 2019]: successfully claimed on behalf of a pedestrian in an RTA left with a permanent limp

[private 2019]: successfully settled pre-trial.  Claim on behalf of a passenger in an RTA against the MIB, left with permanent facial and other injuries following a head-on collision at high speed 

[private ongoing]: RTA claim. Cyclist left with reduced function in hand on a permanent basis

[private ongoing]: EL claim. Employee left with toe amputation, permanent limp and altered gait

Financial Remedies

[private 2021]: case dealing with the dissipation of assets (6 figure sums transferred to India), client-wife ultimately receiving 80% of capital after add-back (figures notionally added back for sums wasted/dissipated)

[private 2021]: case dealing with respondent-husband not engaging with court proceedings.  In his absence, client-wife was awarded FMH entirely and a further 6 figure sum (approximately £600,000) after adverse findings

[private]: case dealing with bigamy and foreign assets. Settled post-FDR

[private]: case dealing with intervention by H's parents' claim against FMH

[private]: case dealing with H having no relationship with children of the family and consequent departure from equality

[private]: case dealing with apparent insolvent parties


Bishop v Bishop: Successful claim re presumed resulting trusts - recovering substantial gifts to family, approx. value 190k (Chancery/Equity)

[private]: Successful defence of a 200k plus construction dispute (Construction/JCT contract)

[private]: defending a TOLATA claim against 8 London residential properties (TOLATA), concluded by settlement

[Private / Prof Neg / Commercial]: successful claim and settlement on a 100% basis of an ex-client v solicitors claim, loss of chance claim following failure to achieve relief from sanctions, consequently no admissible evidence and loss at trial and loss of business/property

[private]: Successful settlement of a dispute between licensor v licensee, re commercial property and shared workspaces, and the landlord/licensor's right to offer alternative office spaces

[private]: Successful claim for marketing company fees v customer seeking to repudiate contract on an alleged breach of contract and our reliance on an affirmation or agreed variation of terms


Khaira v Service Underwriting, successfully appealed a strike out for Claimant's non-attendance a trial

Ogboogu v AIG, successfully appealed a disapplication of QOCS
[private], appeal on the meaning of a part 36 offer, obtained permission to appeal and then parties settled

[private], successfully defended an appeal on statutory time limits outside the Limitation Act (grant of new residential long lease)

[private], defended an appeal on the application of CPR 22PD3A (statements of truths and non-English speakers) for D1, an alternative defendant, D2, settled the claim pre-appeal hearing

Taj Uddin

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Qualified in 2010