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Barry Havenhand is a talented and committed civil and commercial mediator with considerable experience. He is also a senior barrister and former solicitor which provides him with a unique understanding of how disputes arise and how to help resolve them. A combination of diplomacy and dogged persistence has won him substantial success in even the most difficult cases.

Barry is at ease mediating with most areas of civil and commercial law.

Why choose Barry Havenhand as your mediator?

• One of few with "Elite Mediator" status... Elite Mediators have undertaken over 50 mediations with positive feedback
• Flexible on fees…seniority and experience is not always expensive
• Wide-ranging experience… From substantial commercial matters, to neighbour disputes over a few inches of land. Very happy to mediate most areas of civil & commercial law
• Excellent track record… High percentage of settlements, even in seemingly impossible cases
• Available across the UK… Prepared to travel
• Recognised mediation expert… Has lectured, trained and published articles on mediation 

Mediation Client Quote

"Thank you for your time and efforts yesterday.I hope I don’t embarrass you by saying this, but I found your style very agreeable.  Clearly you had taken the effort to understand the dynamics of the case and how the process was most likely to produce in settlement.  I have come across mediators in the past who pay lip service to the “there is no one-size fits all approach” mantra, and then proceed to deal with things in a way that is clearly their standard way of doing things and is not best suited to the situation at hand."

"I am writing to thank you for your perseverance and skill with yesterday's mediation. It was a heavy day for everyone, but I am pleased that you were able to work with us to get a resolution of a matter that was crying out for settlement."

"Mediator was extremely useful and managed to facilitate agreement in a dispute where one party in particular had a very entrenched position." 

"an excellent service with an excellent user friendly Mediator."

"Thank you Barry for your time on this matter. We were grateful for your honest approach."

"Barry was well informed, pleasant and able"

"Easy style and very good with the client and her father (and me)
Would certainly use Barry again"

"Mr Havenhand walks on water!"

"Excellent location and mediator. I would use both again"

"A very successful mediation which resulted in settlement. Mr Havenhand's calm and sensible approach undoubtedly helped the parties to navigate a way to a solution"

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Qualifications and past experience

Barry qualified as a Barrister in 1976 and completed his mediator training in 2002. Since then, he has lectured on mediation to students at Exeter University, trained others in mediation, and written articles on the subject.

He is also a former Chair of school governors and a present Chair of Admission Appeals for Somerset schools.

Barry says:

“I work as a mediator because, frankly, I enjoy it. I am strongly committed to finding solutions to problems outside traditional litigation and like helping different parties come to amicable solutions.

“Although I have particular strengths in certain legal topics, my track record in mediation is wide-ranging. I firmly believe that skill and experience as a mediator is of far greater importance than specialised knowledge of the area of law relating to a particular dispute.

“To be a successful mediator, you need endless patience, dogged determination and a good sense of humour.

“My role is to keep everything going; even when it looks impossible to resolve, keep people talking, stay calm under pressure, keep smiling. Don’t be afraid to be the last man standing – and you’ll get the results.”





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