Mr Peter Higgins 

Membership Status: Mediator

General Information

Peter is an excellent commercial mediator who has mediated close to 70 disputes ranging from £5,000 to £3.5 million.

Peter has a unique style that’s lends itself to managing various mixes of personalities and characters. Ranging from private company owners, corporate CEO’s, corporate chairpersons, private company or corporate management and individuals in the media spotlight who require great discretion.

Feedback - Clients

He is prepared, thorough, relaxed, energised and listens to parties intensely ensuring all views and thoughts are heard. He will seek to drive a settlement no matter how far some parties may appear to be.

He has a natural intuitive ability to understand the key issues, the positions of each party and why they are positioned where they are. He possesses an excellent commercial sense of what is required to reach a settlement.

Peter is comfortable managing any commercial dispute cross sector. His particular area of niche expertise is within the internet and retail gambling sector. He has settled many private client and betting operator disputes covering a range of topic areas from five to seven figure disputes.. He has a good understanding of the UK Gambling Commission licence conditions and requirements as well as an understanding of both a client’s betting background and an operator’s business model.

This experience has been gained following a varied international career working as General Manager and Commercial Director for large internet betting companies and running his own digital betting business. All roles required leadership, commercial acumen, communication and diplomacy skills for both workplace and external clients. A versatile and commercially astute Business Manager / Director with comprehensive global experience allied to exceptional communication attributes.

Professional Background

Peter has been Commercial Director at two internal internet gaming companies working in Europe and internationally. In recent years he has built and developed his own sports betting solutions business, providing an SMS text & phone betting service to clients, and providing event day betting services at major sporting venues in the UK representing international betting brands. Peter has held various Commercial Director roles and was an Account Executive at IBM for several years. Peter became accredited as a mediator in 2017 & was accepted onto the panel in March 2019. He has an excellent record in building board level, executive level, and operational level relationships




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6 December 2022

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6 November 2017

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