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Concerned, committed and confident.

Accredited Mediator from London School Of Mediation. I believe, a ray of happiness can be found even in the stormiest weather. You must aim for the target and focus on the final Goal. Nothing can stop you once you start. Treasure even the small successes.

Dr Raj undertakes corporate, commercial and property disputes. She is an Registered Advocate in Bar Council of Delhi India and Mediator.

She is a team player who enjoys working with lay and professional clients to identify and resolve problems in a way that is best suited to the client's needs.
She speaks plainly and prides herself on assiduous preparation of cases and appropriate management and chairmanship of disputes.

A company director herself, Dr.Raj knows the mechanics of business, deal-making and negotiation. Commercial and property disputes have a severe effect on the business and the people involved, so Dr Raj's work ethic is to identify the needs of the client at an early stage and to help bring the matter to a speedy and commercially sensible conclusion through the mediation.


* English, Hindi  (write and communicate)

* Punjabi, Nepali, Bengali (can Communicate)

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Dr Raj’s technics are remarkably successful 



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Towergate insurance

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25 October 2019

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London School of mediation UK

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17 August 2018

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