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Laurence is a dispute resolution solicitor with particular expertise in property law.   He has been litigating property-law based disputes for 20 years.

His extensive experience of the litigation process allows him to grasp the underlying issues and costs considerations between the parties quickly.  His preparation prior to the mediation will ensure that the mediation starts tackling those issues from the outset.   Whilst he will ask probing questions of the parties and their positions, Laurence will keep the parties’ wider interests firmly in mind in order to help them reach a mutually acceptable outcome.  Laurence will try to provide a relaxed atmosphere in which to conduct the negotiations.

Laurence’s particular areas of expertise include:

If the mediation proves unsuccessful on the day, Laurence hopes that the parties will take away a fresh perspective on the dispute such that settlement is achieved shortly afterwards.  

Laurence will continue to work with the parties after the mediation to try and achieve settlement if the parties would like him to do so.

Laurence is also available to undertake mediations via Zoom.


"Laurence was extremely helpful. He was fully prepared for the case and had read all the papers. He had a thorough grasp of the case and the matters that needed to be resolved and showed great skill in keeping the negotiations on track. The mediation was very fluid and Laurence explained the process very thoroughly. His communication and negotiation skills were outstanding." - Veale Wasbrough Vizards LLP 

“Laurence spent time listening to the client’s concerns and remained professional throughout.  A settlement was achieved in circumstances where all parties considered it unlikely to happen.” - Dunn & Baker

"Laurence is a very effective mediator.  He builds a good rapport with both solicitors and clients and is able to get to the heart of the dispute quickly to help parties explore sensible settlement opportunities." - Foot Anstey

"The clients were apprehensive about mediation in the first instance and queried whether anyone could bridge the gap which seemed quite wide, in order to reach a settlement.  And although settlement was not achieved during the mediation itself, if it had not been for the determination and calm approach taken by Laurence, the parties would not have ended the day so close to settlement, which was then finalised shortly afterwards” - Charles French & Co

"You were very professional in your approach to helping us reach a settlement.  I do not know if we were more challenging than most cases you handle, but from my point of view, it was a long arduous 5 hours in which you successfully navigated both parties to a reasonable conclusion" - a participant to mediation

"Excellent throughout. Would certainly use in the future" - Gard & Co

"Mr Gray is as impressive as ever. Cuts to the chase whilst at the same time understanding all the issues in play. I would not hesitate to recommend him." - VWV LLP

"Mr Gray was fair and even-handed between the parties whilst constructively encouraging both to find the creative solution that eventually led to successful settlement. I would highly recommend him."  - Magdalen Chambers



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4 April 2022Settled
18 March 2022Settled
3 November 2021Settled
30 September 2021Did Not Settle
17 September 2021Did Not Settle
2 June 2021Settled
12 April 2021Settled
25 March 2021Settled
16 December 2020Did Not Settle
26 February 2020Did Not Settle
27 January 2020Settled
10 September 2019Did Not Settle
6 March 2019Settled
1 March 2019Settled
18 December 2018Settled
5 November 2018Settled
30 October 2018Did Not Settle
19 September 2018Settled
5 September 2018Settled
27 June 2018Settled
1 May 2018Settled
20 March 2018Settled
17 May 2017Partial Settlement
27 February 2017Did Not Settle
20 December 2016Settled


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Oxygen Insurance

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6 October 2022

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London School of Mediation

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19 July 2013

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