Graeme Wood 

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General Information

Graeme Wood is a senior and experienced Barrister with a reputation as a highly effective and articulate advocate. He was called to the Bar of England and Wales by Gray's Inn in 1984 and was called to the Bar of Ireland by King's Inns Dublin in 2020.

His expertise is in contract (commercial and consumer), commercial and business law, equitable claims and disputes, common law including professional and non-professional negligence and cross border law and practice including EU Law. He provides representation, drafting and advocacy in these areas. He has extensive advocacy experience before UK courts and Tribunals. He combines a high level of forensic skill and attention to detail with an ability to effectively analyse and communicate complex legal problems.

He has 35 years’ PQE which included training in a leading commercial set in London (2 Essex Court now Quadrant Chambers). He was pupil to Nigel Teare (now Mr Justice Teare) who is currently the judge in charge of the commercial court. He gained a wide rane of experience in the spehre of commercail litigation and arbitratration including commercial contract disputes, banking and regulatory work, disputes in specialista areas  including  aviation law and the carraige of goods by sea and the law of the European Union. He was regularly involved in disputes before the higher appellate courts. He lalso  has xperience working with one of Spain's leading commercial firms in Barcelona and with leading West End commercial law firm Fox and Gibbons prior to its incorporation by Dentons.

He has been involved in cases at all levels in the civil court system including landmark decisions such as Leigh & Sillivan v Aliakmon Shipping, a leading authority on pure economic loss in tort. Graeme is available to provide his services to solicitors and law firms on an instructed or consultancy basis. He understands the needs and expectations of clients in his areas of specialism. He also represents limited companies and partnerships on a retained or ad hoc basis. He has full rights of audience in all courts in England and Wales. He has provided specialist seminars to both barristers and solicitors in his areas of specialism and is highly regarded as a speaker.

Specialist areas of practice include;

Commercial, business, banking and contract law
Chancery and Equity
Civil Procedure
Common law
Civil commercial cross border claims
Enforcing foreign judgments and other orders
Travel and holiday claims including Regulation 261/2004 and Montreal Convention Claims
European Civil and Commercial Litigation including jurisdiction and choice of law issues
Consumer Claims
Applications under the Civil Procedure Rules
Interim applications in domestic and cross border litigation
Trial advocacy in all courts


Graeme is Associate Professor of European Civil and Commercial Litigation at the University of Notre Dame




‘Excellent...Graeme has sifted through complex judgments and distilled them into easily understandable principles. He has been engaging, charismatic and has produced great practical examples and a structured approach for analysing the key issues.’

Melanie McGuirk, Partner Pannone Corporate LLP


‘The Great Repeal Lie – Civil Jurisdiction & judgments in a post-Brexit landscape’ – March 2017 ‘To appear or not to appear, that is the question – Avoiding submission to the jurisdiction of a foreign court’ – – March 2017 ‘Are asymmetric jurisdiction clauses the antithesis of exclusive jurisdiction clauses under Brussels I Recast’ February 2017 ‘Derogating from party choice of applicable law under Rome I’ – January 2017 ‘Unjust enrichment and the Rome II Regulation’ – October 2016 ‘Supreme court Justices furnish their decision in celebrity privacy case’ – June 2016 ‘Enforcing foreign default judgments in England and Wales – avoiding jurisdictional red herrings’ – June 2016 ‘Penalising the penaliser- penalties doctrine survives assassination attempt in Supreme Court’ June 2016 ‘Elements of arrest of vessels in Spain’ Hull Claims Analysis vol 5 issues 5 & 6 ‘The substance and procedure of suing for cargo damage in Spain’ Cargo Claims Analysis vol 5 issue 3 ‘Pre-trial security measures under Spanish and English law’ Cargo Claims Analysis vol 5 issue 6 ‘Title insurance in overseas time-share holiday schemes’ Insurance and Reinsurance Law International vol 7 issue 1 ‘Third party rights against P & I associations’ Insurance and Reinsurance law International vol 6 issue 7 & 8 ‘A ship owners’ liability for defective vessels – a legislative lacuna’ Hull Claims Analysis vol 4 issue 4 ‘A lacuna remedied – the Derbyshire in the Lords’ Hull Claims Analysis vol 4 issue 4 ‘Late claims against insolvent insurers’ Insurance & Reinsurance Law International vol 4 issue 10 ‘Concurrent causation in California’ Insurance & Reinsurance law International vol 4 issue 12 ‘The maritime lien under US and English law – a comparative study’ Cargo Claims Analysis vol 4 issue 10

Graeme Wood

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Qualified in 1984