Ms Meera Yagnik 

Membership Status: Barrister - Full Member

General Information

Meera Yagnik

Public Access Accredited
Qualified 2001
BSB guidance for Public Access

Meera is a skilled advocate, can think quickly on her feet and known for putting her clients at ease and getting the job done.  She is based in London, her main areas (and growing areas) of practice is below:

Civil and Commercial

• Flight Delay
• Contracts (Sale of Goods and Consumer Rights Act)
• Coronavirus related claims
• Travel, Package Travel, Holidays and Tours
• Information, Data and Defamation Laws

Personal Injury

• Stage 3 oral hearings
• Disposal hearing
• Advise on liability
• Advice on quantum
• Personal Injury representation at court

Meera is looking to grow her clinical negligence practice and is happy to take instructions on that basis.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

Meera is happy to act in any contractual dispute arising at the small claim and fast track level.


Meera is happy to deal with applications ranging from summary judgment, injunctions, through to appeals hearings across different areas of civil law.


Meera is happy to grow a practice in this area including petitions for bankruptcy and winding up petitions the County Court and High Court.

Motoring Offences

Meera regularly acts for individuals on all types of Road Traffic motoring matters.
Meera recognises the serious impact that losing a license will have upon the lifestyle and job prospects for the individual and she has built a fierce reputation at court and is well known to achieve the best outcome for her clients.

Meera can provide advice and representation on:

• Special reasons arguments
• Exceptional hardship argument
• Potential totting up bans
• New driver provisions
• Drink driving offences and failing to provide evidential specimens
• Dunk in charge offences
• Driving whilst under the influence of drugs
• Dangerous and careless driving
• Speeding offences
• Driving without insurance
• Mobile phone offences


Meera is well aware of the professional codes of practice of many professions and what can happen when they are breached, she understands that this can be very stressful if you are at risk of losing your license to practice she can provide representation at various professional and disciplinary hearings such as:

• The General Medical Council
• The General Dental Council
• Nursing and Midwifery Hearings

Meera is happy to help with:

• Court of Protection
• Inquests
• Landlord and tenant
• Mortgage related claims
• Resulting and constructive trusts

Family Law

Meera acts for children and parents on all aspects of family contact matters including applications for injunction and non-molestation orders.


Meera is able to have conferences at Solicitors offices or alternatively at 160 Fleet Street, London. EC4 2DQ.


Meera whilst being in practice at the bar has had various consultancy positions with firms such as Teva, RSPCA, OSF, HCA, Sodexo and Nelson’s to name a few. Meera can give you targeted strategic and dependable advice and representation in court. Her goal is to ensure you are put at ease, reduce the stress levels that arises in any matter,  by using her knowledge, skills and experience to ensure that you are aware of all the options that are available to you so that you can put forward your best case at court, inform and guide you so that you are able to make the appropriate decisions that enables you to receive the outcome you desire at each stage. She is happy to discuss any matter pre-instruction.


Loves to travel when she can, foodie, runs & plays tennis to name a few.


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Ms Meera Yagnik

phone01823 247 247

Qualified in 2001