Employment Law Group

Employment Law Group

The members of Clerksroom Employment Law group are listed below with links to individual profiles. Employment law forms a significant proportion of most members’ practices, however none of them practise exclusively in this field. Graham Watson was appointed Head of Group in June 2016.

The geographical spread of members is not such that we can automatically offer advocacy services at every Tribunal in England, Scotland and Wales. We can do so in most cases, especially in the South West, London, the Midlands, East Anglia and the North West.

All areas of employment law are covered from the relatively straightforward unfair dismissal cases through to more complex cases involving discrimination, victimisation and the like.

Members not only provide advocacy services, at first instance and on appeal where necessary, but are also available to advise both in contentious and non- contentious employment matters. Particularly in the employment sphere, early advice can be important in settling disputes, or increasing the prospects of a successful outcome at a hearing.

Several members of the group are approved for instruction by public access in suitable cases. This means that, where appropriate, non-solicitors can instruct counsel direct. Click here for further details on public access

Instructions are welcomed from both employers and employees. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the work of the Group, please contact either Graham Watson or Martin Davies on 0845 083 3000, or by email watson@clerksroom.com / davies@clerksroom.com

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