Flexible Working & Learning Policy

Published 4th January 2021 V1.2021

Members and Pupils

Clerksroom supports flexible working allowing the right of a member of Clerksroom to take a career break, work part-time or work flexible hours to enable them to manage their family responsibilities or disability and remain in practice. Clerksroom will accommodate any request from its members and pupils and remain flexible with arrangements. 

Clerksroom recognises that its members and pupils are in business on their own account and that decisions around working hours and practices are individual decisions for them to make. We also understand that the demands of full-time practice or the financial burden of paying full-time fixed contributions but receiving fees from part-time practice is not always practical or sustainable. Clerksroom recognise that flexible work arrangements enable such barristers to remaining practice.

 These matters are at the heart of Clerksroom’s culture, virtual environment and use of technology allowing us to automatically offer flexibility around working hours, locations and fees. 

 In particular, as set out in our agreement with you and Clerksroom Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, our fee structure is highly conducive to a flexible working environment

 Clerksroom is committed to providing a flexible learning environment and offering students and pupils choice in how, what, when and where they learn.

 Clerksroom is constantly evaluating its approach to flexibility for training for students, pupils and pupil supervisors. Part of this strategy is to consult on an open basis with all stakeholders, particularly students, pupils and recently qualified barristers. Another factor in our approach is to develop and promote technology to improve the learning experience which is naturally improved when the experience is eased through flexibility.

 We automatically offer pupils choice by involving them in the decision-making process and design of their pupillage and training programme. This is balanced against ensuring the development of the Competencies in the Professional Statement. Pupil involvement in this decision-making process allows them to develop some of the skills required by the Professional Statement for Barristers, particularly  Competencies 1, 3 and 4.

 Naturally, one area where there is less flexibility, is court attendance and again, learning to balance these requirements will form part of the pupil's development.


Clerksroom also recognise and fully support its employees legal right to request flexible working arrangements to take a career break, work part-time or work flexible hours to enable them to manage their family responsibilities or disability and remaining practice. Clerksroom will do its best to accommodate any request from its employees and full details of the policy and procedure for this is contained within the online Clerksroom  Employee Manual located within myclerksroom.


A copy of this policy is provided to all those who work and engage with Clerksroom and is available both on our website and the online Clerksroom Operating Manual located within myclerksroom.

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