Why join our database?

Clerksroom is pleased to provide a unique, web-based and transparent database of qualified mediators, who remain independent but wish to advertise their services as widely as possible. 

From 1 January 2023 the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) require all mediators on registered providers’ panels, to be CMC accredited. Mediator’s can be Associate Members, Registered Members or Fellows.

Once registered with the CMC you have the choice to be either an ‘Exclusive Clerksroom Mediator’ or  a ‘Non- Exclusive Mediator’. The benefit of being Exclusive is there is no charge to join the database and ALL your mediations will be administered through the Clerksroom mediation team.

If you wish to have the benefits of joining the database but do not wish to be Exclusive, then you can become a Non-Exclusive member for the cost of £200.00 + VAT per annum. This cost is for Clerksroom maintaining the website as a platform to advertise your profile along with the added advantage of being able to update and maintain your member dashboard. This will enable you to keep a complete record of your mediation practice in one place including non Clekrsroom Mediations.  You can also request feedback on non Clerksroom Mediations. 

We are registered with the Civil Mediation Council as a Mediation Provider. For further information about the CMC, visit www.civilmediation.org

If your details are not currently included but you would like your profile added to our database, you can sign up online, create an account and manage your mediation practice information online. You will need to have the following information to hand:

Once this information has been received by Clerksroom, it will be checked, stored and verified before being added to the internal and website databases. All contact details shown are the details of Clerksroom who will inform you of any enquiry for your services using the contact details supplied. Fees are agreed on each file and agreed with you personally, your clerk or secretary as required.

You are paid 100% of your fees to ensure transparency throughout the process. Clerksroom charge parties an administration fee for the mediation. Administration includes dealing with the enquiry, providing case management throughout, management of papers and instructions, fixing the venue & catering, billing all parties, managing outcomes and post mediation paperwork, preparing final accounts and settling disbursements. The service provided by Clerksroom is end to end and includes anything considered reasonable throughout the life of the mediation enquiry.

Clerksroom provides this service to mediators, whether or not they have been introduced by Clerksroom. If you are a 'non-exclusive' mediator and would like Clerksroom to administer a mediation enquiry you have, we are quite happy to do so and you will be assured 100% of your fees.

Marketing and promotion of your new qualification must be the responsibility of the mediator. Clerksroom are happy to offer advice and guidance whenever practical but Clerksroom is an administration service, providing administrative support for parties wishing to appoint a mediator.

It is important to understand that Clerksroom is not a provider of work, it is an administrative service that we encourage you to refer clients to and make use of.

We do not choose the mediator, the parties do!

Payment Terms:

Please note we pay all invoices for mediation undertaken within 30 days from the mediation date.

Levels of Mediator:

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Any queries please contact the Mediation Clerks on 01823 704099 who would be happy to help or email Lisa Rodger: [email protected]

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