Clerksroom Video Productions

​Video guides for public access clients. The video's are designed to be straightforward and fun, but informative. 

  1. A short video about the culture at Clerksroom and a day in the life of Sam, our public access manager. The Clerksroom Culture - A Day in the Life of Sam, one of our Public Access Clerks
  2. Our client asks who should he use, solicitor or barrister Who should I use? A Solicitor or a Barrister?
  3. A short film about our client meeting a solicitor and barrister for a court hearing. A short video demonstrating the role of a solicitor and barrister for a court hearing
  4. Interview with our client following the court hearing asking how he felt about the service. Interview with a client: Barristers and Solicitors working together
  5. Fun car share video, a short video with our client who asks if barristers are in competition with solicitors. Working together - Solicitors and Barristers

Thanks go to the military court centre and fantastic court staff at Bulford Camp for allowing us to film these video's in a courtroom. Thank you also to Maureen and David, our professional actors who played the parts of solicitor and client. Geoffrey Mott is a Barrister with Clerksroom. 

If you have suggestions about any other video content we might produce to help clients when using Barristers, please do let us know. 01823 247 247. If you need a Barrister, we are here to help, 24/7. 

Lawyers: - 01823 247 247

Members of the public:  - 01823 704 095

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