CFA Assessment - Personal Injury

CFA Assessment Service (51%+ prospects group) - Personal Injury Cases

Clerksroom have a group of barristers who provide a CFA assessment service.

Members of the group offer to assess Personal Injury Claims (El/PL/OL & RTA) and advise on merits. Please send papers for assessment to

Commercial & Chancery matters are evaluated on an individual basis. Please also send any requests for assessment to in the first instance or call the clerks on 0845 083 3000.

  1. Instructions to attend a hearing can only be considered for CFA funding if they are received at least 7 days in advance of any hearing date.
  2. Detailed reasons are provided by the barrister to the file handler for any refusal to accept on a CFA and a branded template will be set up. Reasons are set out clearly as points in the letter. (Not a short email 1 liner)
  3. The barrister will call the file handler to discuss the reasons for decline or review before rejecting and sending reasons, or the barrister will offer to hold a telephone discussion if required once the file handler has read the reasons.
  4. The barrister will help identify any areas where the firm could improve their instructions, quality, training and some will offer to provide in-house training.
  5. The firm provides a named contact for feedback as it is not always appropriate to feed back to the file handler, particularly where training is the issue or concerns about judgement.
  6. Clerksroom provide a named member of staff to be the first point of contact for any issue arising from the service provided by Clerksroom staff or barristers.
  7. We have created a “CFA Service Group” on our case management system and add those wishing to agree to these terms to the group. Others may accept CFA but will have individual terms.
  8. Where a barrister rejects a case on CFA and we are requested to for a second opinion, we are happy to offer to find two further counsel to consider on a CFA. We hope you will agree that three rejections is sufficient.
  9. Where a case is conducted at trial and lost, a lost case report will be sent to the firm's contact (not the file handler) with a note of the hearing and identification of any training issues.

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