7th December 2020 UPDATE

Due to the new BSB mandatory timetable coming into effect on the 1st of November 2020 (Link), AETO's now have no flexibility to offer pupillage throughout the year. Chambers and AETO's are now not allowed to offer a pupillage under the new rules between 1st November and early May each year. This changes means the entire recruitment process is now concentrated into 50% of the normal time frame and has forced us to review our current pupillage program.

We have been asked by the BSB to re-apply as an AETO in order to continue to provide pupillage in 2021 so we are currently working through the new framework to prepare for re-authorisation. As pupillage administration, supervision and training is purely a voluntary process for our members and staff, it will take some time to complete. 

We will continue our review and keep this page updated. We will publish details of any new pupillages offered in the Bar Council's Pupillage Gateway as required by the rules.


Key points:

  • All pupillages are advertised in the pupillage gateway in accordance with the rules surrounding pupillage advertising and recruitment. See: www.pupillagegateway.com
  • We assess each application on an individual basis.
  • We welcome applications from pupils who have obtained waivers from the BSB and are current. 
  • We welcome applications from any background and actively encourage you to tell us about your background, career history and any other circumstances you feel are important to fully understand you.

1st Six Pupillage & 2nd Six Pupillage

  • We have no set number of pupillages available as Clerksroom is a unique, nationwide chamber where all our members work from home allowing us to provide advice and advocacy at all courts and tribunals in England & Wales. 
  • We prioritise applications where the BSB has assessed your situation and granted a waiver for a period of your 1st or 2nd six pupillage. BSB can grant waivers of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. It is very unusual to obtain more than 3+3 waiver. Contact BSB authorisations team for more information using authorisations@barstandardsboard.org.uk 

Selection & scoring criteria includes areas such as:

  1. Current BSB waiver in place and length of the waiver
  2. Suitability for practice
  3. Relevant knowledge and experience (particular weight on current relevant experience)
  4. Communication skills
  5. Self-marketing skills
  6. Personality
  7. Demonstrable drive and determination to succeed at the bar. 
  8. Reasons for wishing to work with Clerksroom Barristers Chambers

3rd Six Pupillage (Squatting)

Have you successfully completed your pupillage and are now looking for a 3rd six with a view to tenancy, or simply wish to proceed to a junior tenancy application? Come and talk to us at Clerksroom as we have something quite special to offer.

We don't do politics, chambers constitutions or committees, we simply want to work with great people who share our desire to get on and build a great practice at the Bar.

Before you get in touch with us, we ask you to think about a few things.

  • how do you see your practice developing?
  • how will you market yourself?
  • what can you bring to our organisation right now?
  • how will the way you want to in work fit with how we work?
  • practising from home does not suit everyone. Will it be right for you? 
  • your geographical location and how far you are prepared to travel.
  • consider every aspect of your practice and only then begin to put your business plan together.
  • think about what your practice will look like in 12, 24 and 5 years from now and think about what you need from us to achieve these aims.

Then give us a call, and if we think it is worth discussing further, come and see us at our Taunton HQ, meet the team and tell us how you see yourself achieving your goals with our help. To be honest, there is no magic, no secret solution, no fast track to success - it takes hard work and relentless marketing together with good old fashioned client care. It really is that simple!

If this is you, please do get in touch and tell others!

Remember, you will need to:

  • demonstrate that you enjoy an existing practice in one or more of our practice areas: commercial; personal injury (including inquests and clinical negligence); costs; employment; road traffic (including credit hire and fraud) and family.
  • provide a clear business plan setting out in detail your professional ambitions, with earnings targets, for each of the next 5 years with specific plans of how you can achieve those targets.

Are you also

  • confident?
  • ambitious?
  • hard-working & committed?
  • motivated?
  • flexible & commercially minded?
  • excellent at communicating? 

Our experience tells us that if you have the qualities we set out above then we would love to work with you.

We are confident you will also love working with us because we will assist you to strategically develop your practice in line with your business plan and provide you with the professional environment and culture we believe will help you to thrive.

Benefits of Clerksroom:

  • Ability to work from home 
  • Full range of services 
  • All Lexis Nexis digital library products
  • Comprehensive IT support 
  • Experienced and motivated support team
  • Variety of marketing opportunities
  • Career progression
  • Stability
  • Great culture
  • Fees are 15% of fees received, paid monthly in arrears by Direct Debit

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are key to everything we do. 

Full details of our policies including:

  • Fair Allocation of Work Policy
  • Harassment Policy
  • Parental and Extended Leave Policy
  • Flexible Working and Learning Policy
  • Reasonable Adjustments Policy
  • Diversity Data Policy

are available to all members and pupils via our Intranet. 

Full 6-12 month pupillages are advertised in the pupillage gateway.

If you would like to discuss any of the above in confidence please contact

Call Stephen Ward, Managing Director on 01823 704070 or email using ward@clerksroom.com


Can't find what you are looking for or prefer to talk?

Barristers: 01823 247 247 Mediators: 01823 704 099