Mr Andrew Brett,

Mr Andrew Brett,

Solicitor, LLB(Hons), LLM (European law), LPC -Distinction, Accredited workplace mediator NORWICH
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Employment litigation costs thousands of pounds, is time-consuming and unpredictable as you never know what a tribunal will make of the facts and how well witnesses will perform under the intensity of cross-examination. It's a rare day if you can 100% guarantee success at a tribunal.

All parties can save considerable time and costs if they reach a resolution through mediation- getting all parties into a room to resolve matters usually within one day is surely preferable to the stress  and strain of an employment tribunal ?

The ACAS code requires every employer to consider mediation and a failure to do this might lead to penalties at a tribunal if this was not done.

I have practised as a solicitor in employment law for over 10 years and have acted for individuals, unions and employers in employment tribunal matters and have provided day to day advice to employees, directors and HR officers on grievances, disciplinaries and anything else that crops up at work. I believe that my experience of acting for all sides will prove invaluable  when it comes to resolving matters.

I have represented parties in negotiations and mediations that have taken place at ACAS, judicial mediation and at private mediations and have handled almost every type of employment related dispute, including some complex discrimination matters.

I have a specialist qualification in employment and workplace mediation in addition to my general civil and commercial mediation qualification.

I have significant local government experience in addition to my employment expertise

It makes perfect sense to involve a mediator to resolve workplace disputes before they escalate into anything more major such as court proceedings. Nipping matters in the bud saves considerable time and expense. I would aim to find out the issues of concern , discuss them with a view to finding some common ground so that all matters can be resolved and to agree a plan for the future.





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  • Certificate Status Certificate on file
  • Expiry Date 7 February 2018
  • Level of Cover 2000000

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CPD & Training
  • Mediation Training Provider LONDON SCHOOL OF MEDIATION
  • Date Qualified as Mediator 1 March 2010
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