Mr Martin Banham-Hall

Mr Martin Banham-Hall

LLB (Hons) (London) Milton Keynes
Membership Status: Mediator

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Feedback score: 0 League table position: Awaiting feedback Total Mediations undertaken: 10 Member Level: Junior Mediator

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General Information

Martin Banham-Hall is a CEDR-accredited Mediator with broad commercial Mediation experience and special interests in property, landlord & tenant, property development, business and professional partnership, private company shareholder disputes and similar issues.

Instinctively friendly and approachable, Martin’s ready empathy with disputants and their advisors brings out the best in him and in them.  And when the chips are down, a settlement seeming far off, his blend of determination, encouragement and goodwill can gird the loins of the faint-hearted, re-frame the protestations of the bombastic and draw out the nuggets that point the way to common ground.

Above all, Martin cares that your dispute should be settled on terms that all parties understand, and are confident they can live with.

Education: Manchester Grammar School and University College London (LLB Hons).

Accredited as a Mediator by CEDR in 2002.

Professional experience: Admitted as a Solicitor in 1977, Martin has been Senior Partner of a respected, mid-sized commercial law firm for the past 15 years and counting.  He advises landowners, developers, business tenants and landlords, contractors and professional practices.  Clients range from serial entrepreneurs via SMEs to listed companies, a global leisure group and several charities and institutions.  Having steered clients and his firm through good times and less good he brings to Mediation the patience, objectivity, integrity and enhanced boardroom negotiation skills honed and reinforced by this professional experience.

Unusually, Martin comes to Mediation from over 30 years spent as a deal-making, transactional property lawyer.  When parties agree to Mediate, Martin is on home ground – there to help them make a deal.  For him Mediation is the most businesslike way out of deadlock, not just another string to a litigator’s bow. 

Mediation experience: Martin has worked with leading commercial Mediators such as Presiley Baxendale QC, Robert Gaitskell QC, David Richbell, Mark Jackson-Stops and Amanda Bucklow.  Their feedback comments include:-

“Excellent … easily developed real rapport”

“Very pleasant to work with”

“Well-prepared …perceptive ... good ideas throughout”

“A pleasure to work with…listened carefully…

“Confident and sensitive”

Mediation cases include:

Office equipment, supply and leasing contracts – claim and counterclaim representing a difference between the parties of around £200,000.

Micro-filtration plant, supply and installation contract – claim and counterclaim representing a difference between the parties of around £2.6 Million.

Commercial insurance fraud, two cases valued around £1 Million and £700,000 respectively

Partnership dispute involving professional practice – value around £750,000 to £900,000

Dilapidations claims on lease termination – various, with claim values from £20,000 to £250,000. 

Disputed lease renewal and compensation claim – value £1.2 Million. 

Unfair dismissal and discrimination (whistle-blowing) claim – value £250,000

Construction dispute between insurers of the main contractor and a sub-contractor – claim value in excess of £1,000,000

Shareholder dispute between executive directors and investor – claim value around £300,000

Contractual disputes over payment for utilities (£40,000), agency commission (£12,500), professional valuation (£250,000), food wholesaling (£25,000) and misrepresentation (£10,000)

Private company shareholder dispute between brothers where underlying family issues were driving the dispute far more than the money (£500,000)

Claim to discharge mortgage on grounds of undue influence (£220,000)

Cases include time-limited Mediations with values from £5,000 to £25,000.

Feedback on Martin’s performance as lead Mediator in recent cases includes:-

Party in dilapidations dispute:  “Thank you for your friendly help…. I would be less able to stand the stress of litigation so I am relieved to have it all behind us.”  Case settled in Mediation. Feedback questionnaire score: 100%.

Party in dispute over payment for utilities: “…the whole procedure has been exemplary.  This was the first time anyone had considered or shown concern in our struggle....”  Case settled in Mediation.  Feedback questionnaire score: 100%.

Party in agency commission claim/professional negligence counterclaim:   Case settled in Mediation.  Feedback questionnaire score 100%

Party in disputed mortgage claim:  Case settled in Mediation.  Feedback questionnaire score 92%.



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  • Date

    Nature of dispute


  • Professional negligence re commercial property
    Outcome: Settled
  • Commercial contract
    Outcome: Settled
  • Commercial development construction contract
    Outcome: Settled
  • Commercial landlord & tenant
    Outcome: Settled
  • Private family company shareholders
    Outcome: Settled
  • Disputed private mortgage
    Outcome: Settled
  • Contractual claim and counterclaim
    Outcome: Settled
  • Commercial contract
    Outcome: Settled
  • Commercial landlord & tenant
    Outcome: Settled
  • Contract claim/counterclaim between wholesalers
    Outcome: Did Not Settle


  • Insurance Provider AIG Europe Limited
  • Certificate Status Certificate on file
  • Expiry Date 30 September 2017
  • Level of Cover 5000000

CPD & Training

CPD & Training
  • Mediation Training Provider CEDR
  • Date Qualified as Mediator 17 October 2002
  • Training Certificate Download PDF

Certified Mediator

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  • Profile submitted Checked
  • Independent feedback Checked
  • History Checked
  • Insurance provider Checked
  • Insurance certificate Checked
  • Expiry date Checked
  • Level of cover Checked
  • Training requirement Checked
  • Qualification date Checked
  • Training certificate Checked
  • E.U. Code of conduct Checked
  • Observations completed Checked
  • Annual CPD log Checked
  • Mediator status Checked
  • Specialist panels Checked
  • Geographical location Checked
  • Professional status Checked
  • League table position Checked
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