John Hudson (2006)

John Hudson (2006)

Membership Status: Barrister - Full Member Qualified in 2006 Public Access Accredited


General Information

John Hudson is a specialist in Family Finance work, particularly in cases involving businesses.  As a company director himself, his practice extends from Family Law to providing advice, drafting and advocacy in other aspects of law affecting families including company law, director and partnership disputes. It also embraces employment, landlord and tenant and wills and probate within the context of ancillary relief proceedings and beyond.

Admitted as a solicitor in 1993 prior to being called to the Bar in 2006, John has conducted ancillary relief cases ranging from those making modest assets to high net worth cases involving farms, pensions, businesses and cases with a foreign element. John is based in North Yorkshire, enjoys a national practice and is happy to travel.

John’s areas of expertise include:

  • Applications for financial remedies
  • Complex Company accounts
  • Director/partnership liabilities
  • Pension sharing
  • Multiple properties
  • Offshore bank accounts
  • International cases
  • Maintenance
  • Pre nuptial agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • Farm assets.

John is also prepared to consider accepting private law children and domestic violence/injunction cases. He is accredited to accept work on a public access basis.

Recent matters include representing:

·         husband in an application for a financial remedy following foreign divorce proceedings.

·         wife in a financial remedy application involving substantial farm assets.

·         wife in a financial remedy case involving a husband with a dramatically shortened life expectancy.

·         intervenor in a case involving a family farming business.

·         husband in a financial remedy case involving a husband and wife and family owned transport business.

·         wife in a financial remedy case involving property abroad.

·         husband in a financial remedy case involving substantial pension assets.


John is a keen horseman and keeps a Clydesdale and IDxTB hunter together with a small flock of rare breed sheep on his land in the Yorkshire Dales.




Horses & Divorces  

Appeal by husband against ancillary relief orders. Appeal dismissed. S v S [2008] EWHC 519 (Fam)

The couple had been married for 11 years and had no children. The joint net assets were agreed to be £3m. Upon marriage, the wife had given up part-time work in a financial PR company to undertake interior decorating and part-time book-keeping. The husband worked in the City on a salary of £60,000 plus bonuses. There were two properties; a flat in London that the husband had just sold for £900,000 and a home in the country that provided the wife, in particular, with the room to keep horses.

The crucial issues to be decided in this appeal were whether the wife's housing costs should include an element that would allow her to buy a property large enough to accommodate her horses and whether there should be joint lives periodical payments. Counsel for the husband contended that the original order had, in essence, placed too much weight on the need for the wife to maintain her horses and lifestyle at the expense of the husband's own expectations. She also argued that it was unfair that there was no expectation placed on the wife to seek to improve her income level.

In this judgment, The President reviewed the evidence and the orders before concluding that the district judge was not plainly wrong as the case was "peculiarly one for the "feel" of the District Judge in the particular circumstances". He did however point out that the wife should expect to have to fund the horses herself if the husband's income should fall in the future.

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