Fraud Group (Claimant) - RTA & PI Fraud Counsel

Fraud Group (Claimant) - RTA & PI Fraud Counsel

Download our complete guide to management of RTA & PI Fraud Claims. Click here to download.
Clerksroom offer a nationwide service for fast track and multi track  claims, where allegations of fraud are made. Our Counsel attend all courts in England & Wales in addition to drafting pleadings and providing initial advice on the prospects of a claim.  To book online, click here or call our team of clerks on 0845 083 3000.
Our Counsel are always prepared to attend your offices to provide free CPD accredited seminars on any aspect of fraud litigation and practice.
The following Counsel have a particular expertise for dealing with road traffic or personal injury claims where there is an allegation of fraud.
Our Counsel are always prepared to consider acting on a CFA basis. Counsel have a reputation for tough negotiating, fighting claims, tactical advice and sensible advice delivered in an approachable and professional manner, recognising the experience of our professional clients.
Counsel are also prepared to attend conferences at Chambers in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham or Taunton, by telephone or at the office of the Instructing Solicitor. Counsel can often return papers at short notice and are always prepared to discuss cases informally on the telephone, where the need arises.
Counsel seek to offer a flexible and commercially minded but robust approach to such cases where allegations of fraud are made:-
  •  Alleged Staged/ Contrived Collisions
  • Bogus Passenger Allegations
  • Slam On Allegations
  • Tort of Deceit Proceedings.
  • Low Velocity Impact Allegations
  • Credit Hire Fraud Allegations
  • Exaggerated Damage Allegations
  • Fraud Rings
  • Induced collision Allegations
  • No Collision Allegations
  • Third Party Costs Proceedings Against Solicitors or Hire Companies
  • Costs issues arising out of fraud litigation.
Clerksroom Fraud PI Team are pleased to announce our fraud case service.  Clerksroom in association with a number of their regular clients have put together a personal injury fraud service, for the benefit of Clerksroom instructing Solicitors.

If your firm has any alleged RTA fraud cases that a) require technical assistance b) your firm does not have the resources to deal with c) cases that have been written off d) too much exposure for your firm in terms of costs risk.

Clerksroom, has assembled an expert team of Fraud Investigation Solicitors with the assistance of panel Barristers, medical experts and forensic engineers who can a) take over the case and preserve your lien as to costs (subject to a file review) b) keep you updated at every stage as the cases progresses

If your firm would be interested in this service, please contact or telephone 0845 083 3000, and we can pass you the details of our panel Solicitors, where your files can be sent for review. The panel firms are committed a free review of the case and a decision within 14 days of receipt of the case.

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