Mediator Database FAQ's

Q: How much does it cost to add my details into the National Mediator Database?
A: Nothing, it is free of charge. Parties pay an administration fee to the mediator provider when a mediator is selected. Mediation providers are therefore paid when they are instructed to administer a mediation.

Q: Nothing in life is free, this sounds too good to be true?
A: There is no charge to the mediator at all. If the parties select the mediator from the database and wish to instruct them, the mediation clerks contact the firm, organisation or chambers and obtain dates and fees. The mediator is paid 100% of their fees charged.

Q: Am I contracting with Clerksroom or the parties?
A: Clerksroom. Administration of the mediation is undertaken by Clerksroom (unless requested otherwise i.e. where you are a member of another provider) and you invoice Clerksroom for your full fees which are held on account and paid by BACS when completed.

Q: I’m a Barrister so my insurance is with Bar Mutual, is this sufficient?
A: No. Bar Mutual calculates your cover based on income and may not be £1m automatically. You will need to refer to your cover note and check that your cover is at least £1m. If it is not, you will need to contact Bar Mutual and ensure you have £1m cover before you can undertake commercial & civil mediation as a mediator. Note: Towergate also provide cover if you wish to obtain an alternative quote.

Q: Why do I need Insurance?
The Civil Mediation Council requires any mediator undertaking civil and commercial mediation in the UK to have in place at least £1m of professional indemnity cover.

Q: You are required by the CMC to complete 6 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) per calendar year. What counts as CPD?
A: The CMC guidance states: “These hours may include:

·         courses offering practical role plays;

·         attendance at seminars, conferences, tutorials and debates on mediation;

·         writing articles on mediation;

·         presenting mediation training, seminars or similar events.

Reading articles, mentoring and supervising mediators and preparing for mediation will not suffice. So long as the hours are devoted to mediation-specific topics, CPD hours need not be dependent on recognition by a professional body.” Helpline number 0845 083 3000 – 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday

Q: Where can I find Mediator CPD Courses?
A: Most of the major mediation trainers offer CPD training to the Civil Mediation Council standards. Check to see with your trainer to see what they offer.

Q: What are the levels of mediator in the database?
Observer/Trainee is someone who has completed their training, but not yet completed their observations. Junior mediator is someone who has undertaken up to 25 mediations to date and the details are recorded in the database. Senior mediator is someone who has undertaken between 25 and 50 mediations to date and the details are recorded in the database. The database allocates the status according to the training, observation and history records.

Q: How do I become an Elite Mediator?
A: An Elite Mediator is someone who has undertaken more than 50 mediations, the details are recorded in the mediator history tab and the feedback score submitted by clients to date has a score of more than 80%. The system generates mediator status based on the information contained in the file; it is not set by the administrator and cannot be set manually.

Q: I’ve lost my username or password, how can I get a reminder?
Please visit the login page and click on the reminder password text. It will be re-sent to the registered email. If you are having problems, call 0845 083 3000 and we will help.

Q: What is the Civil Mediation Council? A: Please visit

Q: How do I convert by Training Certificate or Insurance documents to PDF?

A: There are plenty of free PDF conversion tools on the web, a good one is

Q: How can I get feedback into my profile?

A: Feedback is electronic, sealed and received direct from clients following a mediation. If you have conducted a mediation outside of Clerksroom you can send your own feedback requests (one per party) and you will copied in on the reply. You can do this via your user dashboard.Please note you must give each feedback request a unique reference number as the database checks itself and removed automatically any duplicate references. If you use the same file reference for both parties, please add A and B etc to the end for each request.

Q: How can I raise my ranking in the database?

A: Your ranking and status are defined by the level of feedback clients have been willing to provide, the quality of the feedback and the number of mediations undertaken.

Q: What is the meaning of the total score which appears on the upper right side of the page?

A: Each question in the feedback questionnaire has a possible 10 points out of 10.  Therefore if we ask 10 questions and you score 10 out of 10 your score is 100.

Q: How can I secure mediations through Clerksroom?

A: Marketing and promotion of your new qualification must be the responsibility of the mediator. Clerksroom are happy to offer advice and guidance whenever practical but Clerksroom is an administration service, providing administrative support for parties wishing to appoint a mediator.

It is important to understand that Clerksroom is not a provider of work, it is an administrative service that we encourage you to refer clients to and make use of.

We do not choose the mediator, the parties do so you need to make your profile as appealing as possible.


If you need help or have a question please contact the Mediation Clerks on 01823 704099 who would be happy to help or email Lisa Rodger: 


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