Effective Marketing Made Easier – and Much Less Expensive

Never before has making efficient use of staff and fee-earner time been so important. www.Words4Business.com  and www.legalRSS.co.uk were designed to do this and enable firms to grow at low cost.

At its simplest, these offerings share one theme: they provide high quality, up to date, professionally written web content for law firms at a small fraction of the cost of producing such material in house or bespoke creation using a freelancer or PR firm. PER ITEM savings typically exceed £100 and improvements to PEP in the thousands of pounds annually are possible on cost savings alone.

Words4Business was founded 15 years ago and has been since 2010 the market leaders in the b2c content space in law.

LegalRSS includes market-leading marketing features such as instant e-newsletters, co-branding and targeting of content of all types, content sharing, automated social media management, fast mobile site creation and more. The system is cloud-based, and can be integrated with any website in minutes.

We have a cloud-based searchable library of more than 10,000 articles and nearly 2,000 unique images.

Our confidence in the efficacy of our products is such that we never require a forward contract..

For more information, samples or a free trial contact sales@legalrss.co.uk or call Joe Reevy on 01392 423607 or Jason Adderley on 07824 449577.

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